13 Hilariously Bad Easter Egg Fails That Every Parent Has Witnessed


A for effort, kids.

Kids and dye do not mix.

Any parent knows that when it comes to arts and crafts, your kids probably aren't going to be creating Pinterest-worthy masterpieces. You have to come to terms with the fact that not every Easter egg can look like it was dyed and decorated by Martha Stewart herself.

Here are 13 hilariously bad Easter egg fails every parent has dealt with:

So. Many. Dropped. Eggs.

When the concept of straight lines is a foreign concept.

When you have no idea what went wrong or how to fix it.

When you attempt to be cute and fall short.

When your daughter's paisley print doesn't go as planned.

When your son tries to be creative and you have to hold your tongue.

When your kids leave the eggs boiling too long.

When you don't notice your kids grabbed brown eggs.

When your kids recklessly drop the eggs into the glass.

When your kids use a little too much pressure with the crayons.

When bad things happen to good eggs.

When you wrongly assume your dye kit is foolproof.

When your hands look like this for the next 48 hours.

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