13 Embarrassing Things All Pet Owners Do But Totally Keep Secret, 'Til Now

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You’re one pet short of crazy, aren’t you?

If you’re a fur mom, chances are you know what it’s like to be a little too codependent with your pet. Whether you own a dog, a cat, a bunny, or a bird, pets can make their owners do some pretty ridiculous things.

Here are the 13 embarrassing things all pet owners secretly do:

1. You sneak your pet into non-pet-friendly places and lie about them being a service animal when caught.

2. You go to extremes to snap the perfect pet photo.

3. You include your pet in all your holiday festivities.

4. Your entire camera roll is pictures of your fur baby.

5. You throw your pet a bigger birthday party than you do for your friends and family.

6. You make up excuses to bail on plans because you’d rather stay in an cuddle with your fur baby.

7. You treat your pet like a newborn baby, even when they are fully grown.

8. You cover your pet’s eyes during the scary parts of the movie.

9. You hold your pet up to the mirror or your front facing phone camera to show them what they look like.

10. You call your pet the most ridiculous nicknames more often than their actual name.

11. You take it personally when your pet gets up off the couch without you.

12. You give your pet a long explanation anytime you leave the house.

13. You take your pet with you everywhere, because you just can’t imagine spending a second of your life without them.

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