9 Ways To Tell You're A True Missouri Girl

Bill Greenblatt/UPI

Toasted rav = life.

You follow sports more than all your out-of-town guy friends.


Whether you're a fan of the Cardinals, Royals, the Chiefs, or the Blues, sports aren't just for the guys in Missouri. You know your stats and would rather spend your weekends drinking beer and watching the big game at the bar than sipping on mimosas at brunch with your gal pals.

Toasted rav is one of your main food groups.


The others are Imo's pizza and KC-style barbecue. What girl has time for diets, anyways?

You only shave or wax your legs 3 months out of the year.


When you're still wearing a winter coat in early spring, shaving is pretty pointless.

You and your girlfriends spend your summers at the Ozarks.


And you know it's the only way to escape Missouri's humidity.

You know the best pizza doesn't come from New York or Chicago.


Imo's thin crust and square cut is where it's at.

You’d be seriously offended if a guy at a bar bought you a PBR.


Your blood type is the King of Beers, a.k.a. Budweiser.

You grew up with an irrational hatred of Kansas.


And you could never date a guy from KU. That would be a deal breaker!

Your closet is full of black, gold, and tiger print.


And you consider yourself a Mizzou girl even if you never went to school there.

Your makeup never lasts that long.


Thanks to all the barbecue you find yourself eating.