Texas Lingo - It’s A Thing! How Much Lone Star Slang Do YOU Know?

If you don't own a pair of cowboy boots, don't bother with this test!

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 Feb 19, 2019
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Question: 1/13Pick Your Answer!

Seeing mums everywhere around school can only mean one thing: it's _____ season!

Question: 2/13Pick Your Answer!

You know the word _____ should always follow "breakfast" and that's that.

Question: 3/13Pick Your Answer!

You love the Texas state flag with it's _______! You probably even have it on clothes, kitchenware and home decor.
Single Stripe
Solitary Tag
Lone Star

Question: 4/13Pick Your Answer!

The song lyric "All my _____ live in Texas" is probably all too true for you.

Question: 5/13Pick Your Answer!

The tiny blue dot in the big red state of Texas is which liberal city? Hint: It's also known for it's music scene.
San Antonio

Question: 6/13Pick Your Answer!

History lesson! The Battle of the _____ was a pivotal event in San Antonio during the Texas Revolution.

Question: 7/13Pick Your Answer!

Growing up in Texas usually meant spending the hot summer months at the _____ water park!

Question: 8/13Pick Your Answer!

Talk about a rift! Did you know that Texas once seceded to join the _____?

Question: 9/13Pick Your Answer!

Back in the 1930s, Texas was hit by the _____, causing a severe dry period.
Dust Bowl
Tropical Storm
Great Quake

Question: 10/13Pick Your Answer!

Of course Texans love their _____ and cowboy hats! That's a given.
Bolo Ties
Short Ties

Question: 11/13Pick Your Answer!

Very few things are as refreshing as a tall glass of _______ on a hot Texas day!
Dr Pepper
Iced Tea
Pink Lemonade

Question: 12/13Pick Your Answer!

Which of the following is NOT a team you are likely to cheer for in Texas?

Question: 13/13Pick Your Answer!

Houston might be the largest city in Texas, but everyone knows _____ is actually the capital.
San Antonio
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Is your hometown pride for Texas as big as everything else in Texas is? Do you love living deep in the Heart of Texas? Are you proud to call the Lone Star State your home sweet home? Out of everywhere in the entire United States of America, Texas truly is a great place to be. But would you get confused when hanging out in the area, or would you blend in with all the locals just fine? Only one way to find out! This quiz will test your smarts when it comes to Texas culture. Have you ever tried jalapeño jelly before? What about kolaches? Do you know what the heck the purpose of homecoming mums are? Do you frequently eat tacos from the local taqueria? Do all your exes live in Texas? Have you ever enjoyed Frito pie? Do you know what Smokey the Cannon is? Are you familiar with the history of The Alamo, the Dust Bowl, with Juneteenth, or with the succession to join the Confederacy? Do you drink Topo Chico? Did you ever spend your summers at Schlitterbahn? Do you always cheer for the Cowboys and the Spurs? Unless you truly do live in this wonderful state, you might have a hard time passing this exam. If you take this test, you'll have the opportunity to showcase just how big your Texas pride is... wear it on your sleeve... it'll go real nicely with your cowboy boots and cowboy hat! So what are you waiting for? Hit the play button now and show us what you've got, partner!