Quiz: Do You Know The Lyrics To "Kiss The Girl" From The Little Mermaid?

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Now's your moment...to prove your musical skills!

Have you seen The Little Mermaid more times that you can count? Then you should have no problem singing along to this quiz! Disney Trivia, Disney Knowledge Quiz, Disney Knowledge Test, Fun Quiz, Disney princess, Buzzfeed Quizzes, Playbuzz Quiz, The Little Mermaid, Ariel, Dinglehopper, Flounder, Sebastian, Scuttle, Kiss the Girl, Howard Ashman, Alan Menken, 90s Disney, Iconic, If You Want Something Done You Got To Do It Yourself!

 Jan 29, 2019
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Do you wanna be where the mermaids are? Do you want to be a part of Ariel's world under the sea? Is this fiery red headed mermaid your favorite Disney princess? Everything about The Little Mermaid is magical and enchanting... from Ariel's bubbly personality and Prince Eric's dashing good looks to Sebastian's words of wisdom and Ursula's clever and cunning plot. But do you really remember every last detail from this classic animated film, from from Ariel's dinglehopper fork to King Triton's trident? If so, we bet you were paying close enough attention to memorize all of the soundtrack's song lyrics, right? Let's see if that truly is the case! Prove you're the ultimate The Little Mermaid fan under the sea by taking this insanely hard trivia test. Do you love to sing just as much as Princess Ariel does? Is your voice as good and as beautiful as hers? Or is your singing ability more in line with Ursula's lackluster performance? Will you need to cheat like everyone's favorite sea urchin villainess in order to trick Prince Eric into marrying you, or will you be able to pass without any outside assistance and deception? Can you sing "Kiss the Girl" without messing up the lyrics? Or will you flounder this quiz and drown in your terrible score? Sha la la la la la don't be shy and hit the play button now! We promise this test will be a total splash! Have fun, and remember... don't lose your voice!

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