Quiz: Can You Name All Of These Movies Starring Jennifer Aniston?

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"Just Go With It" and take this quiz!

Are you a real Jennifer Aniston fan? Prove it by taking this ultimate movie trivia test and see how many of her movies you have seen!

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Is there a modern day actress out there who is more beloved than Jennifer Aniston? The girl next door and America's sweetheart has become a household name due to her lovable role as Rachel Green on the longtime running sitcom FRIENDS. But fans of the actress know she is so much more than her most well known role. Jennifer Aniston has starred in countless box office hits since her days on FRIENDS. But just how many of her films have you seen, exactly? Have you watched her movies We're the Millers, Just Go with It, The Break-Up, Horrible Bosses, The Bounty Hunter, Marley and Me, Bruce Almighty, Rumor Has It, The Switch, Wanderlust, Along Came Polly, The Good Girl, He's Just Not In You, Leprechaun, Office Space, Derailed, Picture Perfect, and Dumplin'? If you've seen any number of these classic movies, then you have a real shot at doing well on this Jennifer Aniston trivia test. All you have to do is look at images from her most popular films and match them to their corresponding titles to pass. Each correct answer will get you one step closer to the top score, after which you can call yourself the number one Jennifer Aniston fan. Are you ready to put your fandom to the ultimate test? Great! Then take a seat, put your thinking cap on, and let's see how many Jennifer Aniston films you actually can recognize by just one screenshot. We believe you can do this - good luck!

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