History Quiz: Italian Edition! Can YOU Score Over 80%?

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Are you a true Italian historian? Prove it!

This quiz will test your knowledge of Italian terminology, food, customs, and more. How much do you really know the Italian history?

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Are you a true Italian? Or are you studying the language? Have you been to Italy before? If so, it's time to test your knowledge of the Italian history and culture! How much do you actually know about the different historical events, terminology, food, and customs often found in Italy? The Romance language is one of the most spoken and most studied languages in the world, but can you speak it? From the great food and big families to the amazing cities and historic culture, Italy has a lot of different customs that have developed throughout the years. If you're a true Italian, we bet you're savvy enough to score better on this quiz than most other Italians! Make your nonna proud by answering as much as you can about your Italian roots. When we talk about "Italian," we're talking about a specific dialect that's taught to English speakers, but Italy has almost as many dialects as it has people! The residents of Sicily speak in a very different way from the residents of Abruzzo. It's wild how different they sound! However, most Americans are at least a little bit familiar with Italian words because we've borrowed so many of their delicious foods. But do you know these other words and phrases from the language of amore? What about the food or the traditions? So what are you waiting for? Hit the play button so you can start this true Italian history and culture test! Buona fortuna - that means good luck!

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