Iowa Lingo... Yeah That's A Thing! How Much Of It Do You Know?

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Show what you know about I-O-W-A!

Only a true Iowa native will be able to answer all of these tricky IA questions without skipping a beat! How much do you know?

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Do you know the Hawkeye State better than anyone else you know? Then this quiz might be just right for you! This Iowa quiz will test the limits of your knowledge of this charming Midwestern state. You will practically have to be a verified Iowa expert (or at least a lifelong local or enthusiastic transplant) to even hope of passing this tricky eighteen question quiz and potentially acing it! Do you think you're up to the challenge? Then you'd better know a whole lot about traditional Iowa foods, favorite local restaurants and haunts, local slang, lingo, phrases and pronunciation, tourist hot spots, professional sports teams, college sports teams, cookouts, barbecues, cornhole, corn, toughing it out through cold winters, and so, so much more! Does much of this sound familiar? You just might be a shoe-in for 100% if that's the case! If not, you might be in the wrong state... and you might need a quiz for a different state! has you covered with hundreds of quizzes raging a wide variety of topics. Geographical or otherwise. So go ahead, take a relaxing break from your busy day with one of our fun and challenging two minute quizzes. You won't regret it!

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