Are You Idaho Enough To Ace This Tough ID Quiz? Bet Not!

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Don't worry. It's not all about potatoes.

Think you know everything there is to know about Idaho? We bet you can’t pass this Idaho challenge if you aren’t a local!

 Mar 09, 2019
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Are you a tried and true Idaho lover? Calling all Idaho locals! See if you know more about Idaho than most locals do with this tricky trivia test! Here's your chance to prove you know everything there is to know about Idaho lingo, slang, food, geography, history, and more! Do you have an odd affinity for all things huckleberry? Do you know why Idaho is called the Gem State? Do you know what the big deal is over Idaho's famous potatoes? Do you know what a whistle pig or a varmint is? Have you ever eaten Sturgeon Caviar before? What about finger steaks? Or even croquetas? Do you know how to properly pronounce Boise or Moscow? Do you dip anything and everything in fry sauce? Do you bleed blue for the Broncos and attend games at the Smurf Turf? Are you familiar with the history of Idaho, including Sacagawea and Lewis & Clark? Whether you're really from here or you're just curious about this amazing place, we promise this tricky test will challenge you and be a fun few-minute escape from your hectic day! Do you think you have what it takes to breeze through these questions and get the coveted perfect score? Or will you get flustered and miss too many questions? Only one way to find out! All you need to do is hit the play button now and get ready to put your brainpower to the test. This mental escape is just what you need! Don't forget — no cheating. We think you'll come out of this quiz much smarter and with a greater appreciation for your background and where you come from. Good luck!

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