Answer These Q's & We'll Reveal Exactly How Long You'd Last In The Wild

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Could you actually survive in the wild?

How long would you be able to survive in the wild? Are you a nature person or would you never be able to last?

 Dec 04, 2018
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How long can you survive without food?
30 days
14 days
10 days
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Which wild food cooking method will retain the most nutrients?
Roasting on coals
Frying on a rock
Boiling in a pot
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What is the most important food source for survival?
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What should you NOT do if attacked by a cougar?
Make yourself look big
Fight back
Play dead
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You need dry wood to start a fire. Which is NOT a good place to look?
Branches covered in moss
Branches high up in a tree
Branches exposed to sun and wind
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How much water does the average adult need in a day?
Less than 1 quart
1-2 quarts
1/2-1 gallon
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Which is NOT a sign of mild hypothermia?
Poor coordination
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If forced to spend the night outside, what's the first thing you should do?
Find or build shelter
Find water
Start a fire
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What's the best survival tip to remember?
Use a mirror to signal for help
Always carry a folding knife
Remain calm and don't panic
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When lost in the wilderness, which one of these rules is safe to follo
You can eat almost all fur-bearing mammals and 6-legged insects
You can eat almost all fish and reptiles
You can drink almost all flowing water
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If lost for a long time, what's the most crucial factor in keeping yourself alive?
Conserving energy and sleeping as much as possible
Keeping clean to stay healthy
Finding plants and animals to eat
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If you're lost and it starts to rain, what's the first thing you should do?
Build a large fire
Collect rainwater to use later
Look for shelter from the rain
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What's the best way to find water if you're lost?
Kill some game and drink the blood
Explore downhill
Gather plants
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What's the BEST way to make sure your drinking water is safe?
Freeze it
Filter it
Boil it
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Which of these is NOT needed if you're going to start your own fire?
A match
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Is it better to drink from a flowing stream or from a stagnant pool of water?
Flowing stream
Stagnant pool
It makes no difference
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Which of these clothing items should you have plenty of when camping?
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To prolong heat, what should a campfire be surrounded with?
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