Modern, Traditional, or Cozy: Which Type Of House Style Are You?

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Where you live says a lot about you...

We can guess what type of house you prefer to live in based on your personality, hobbies, artwork, and other preferences.

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Did you know that your personality type actually can determine a lot of your other tastes - especially when it comes to live and what kind of house is most idea for you? It's true! When it comes to buying or building a house, one of the first decisions you'll make is what style you want your home to be. The difference between modern and traditional homes goes beyond what meets the eye. People often misuse the terms ‘traditional' and ‘modern' as synonyms for old and new. In reality, there is more to modern and traditional architecture than age. In fact, some modern homes are almost a hundred years old, and many newly-built homes carry on the traditional style. The term ‘traditional' applies to a board range of home-building styles, each with its own unique features. In general, any home drawing influence from historic styles, such as Victorian, Colonial, Craftsman, or Neoclassical architecture, can fall into the category of a traditional home. Modern architecture, on the other hand, rejects those classical flourishes in favor of a simple, clean design. Where traditional homes are adorned with elegant details, modern homes strip away the frills to let the basic structure speak for itself. The picturesque porches and gables of a traditional home are inherently warm and inviting, and the intricate details make it feel like a place with a story. However, modern homes are not without their charm, using natural light and efficient design to feel both spacious and cozy. But what style is perfect for you? Find out now!

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