Pennsylvania Lingo - It’s A Thing! Do You Know It ALL?

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Not all Pennsylvanians are the same, but...

Take this Pennsylvania culture quiz to prove that you're a real PA local. Seriously, only true locals can pass!

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Let's see once and for all if you have what it takes to call yourself a certified Pennsylvania enthusiast? Think you know everything there is to know about Pennsylvania? We bet you can't pass this Pennsylvania challenge if you aren't a local! If you're really from Pennsylvania, you should be able to get every single one of these questions correct without having to cheat or get outside help from anyone! Do you know how to bake shoofly pie? Have you ever shopped at a Wawa store before? Are you loyal to Hershey's chocolate brand? Do you like eating your donuts fried, your eggs dippy, and your hot dogs Texan? Can you make a mean dish of scrapple? Do you bleed black and gold for the Steelers? Have you ever gone to a Beaver game? Are you familiar with the history of Gettysburg or the Liberty Bell? Do you have a crazy obsession with Philly cheesesteaks and hoagies? Are you so happy you get to call the Keystone State your forever home? This tricky trivia test is perfect for those looking for a bit of a challenge. Most state trivia quizzes will only ask you basic questions that even out-of-staters could guess correctly. This quiz is different - we're going to test you on some of the best kept secrets of the state that only real natives could possibly know the answers to. All you need to do is hit the play button now and get ready to put your brainpower to the test. Good luck!

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