Mississippi Lingo - It's A Thing! How Much Do You Know?

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"Cowgirls 'n Angels" via Samuel Goldwyn Films

Do you know Mississippi frontwards and backwards?

A proud Mississippi native should have no problem getting the top score on this ultimate state slang test! How well will you do?

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If you truly believe you're a Mississippi maven with a high IQ, then we challenge you to take our ultimate Mississippi State Trivia Test! There's no backing down once you accept our challenge. Once you hit the play button, you'll be on your way to proving you know more about your home state than most people who attempt to pass this quiz. Think you have what it takes to get a coveted perfect score? We're warning you that this won't be the easiest test in the world. We're going to ask you some pretty tricky questions that only the locals will know the answers to! Do you cheer for either Ole Miss or State? Are you a Rebel or a Bull Dog? Do you drink sweet tea like it's water? Do you love living in the Bible Belt? Have you ever called your grandparents mawmaw and pawpaw? Do you love watching college football on Saturdays every autumn? Have you ever put pickles in your Kool-Aid before? Do you know what the Egg Bowl is? Have you ever attended a crawfish boil? Do you bake a lot of casseroles for your friends, family, and neighbors? Are you obsessed with Comeback sauce and do you put it on practically everything? Do you love the Magnolia State with all your heart? If you can honestly answer at least a few of these questions, then you have a great shot at acing this test! Good luck and remember no cheating or outside help allowed!

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