Seriously, Only A Maine Local Could Ace This 19 Q Lingo Quiz! Can You?

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Are you a Mainah or an outta-statah?

Think you have what it takes to get every single last one of these Maine trivia questions correct? Let's see what you've got!

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Maine locals only - no transplants! Maine is an amazing place to live in! Can you keep up with the lingo like all of the locals? Or do you need your own translator? The Maine pride is real! Do you know all about the locals' favorite foods, sports teams, slang words, hangout spots, and more? Are you a true Maine local? It's time to show you know all about the amazing place that is Maine by answering these educational and insightful trivia questions. It's time to prove that you know its food, culture, and many landmarks! How many do you really know? Let's find out! Sit back, relax, access your memory banks to answer these tricky questions about the things that make this great place what it is! Do you know what the heck steamers actually are? What about Italians? Or even those pesky flatlanders? Do you know what is means to get your "buzz on" or what "honkin" means? Do you enjoy eating beans with brown bread, lobster rolls, red snapper hot dogs, Humpty Dumpty chips, whoopie pies, and blueberries? Can you actually name all the famous lighthouses in the state? Do you shop at the local Hannaford supermarket? Do you love wearing L.L. Bean apparel? If you said "yes" to any of these questions, then you're definitely prepared and ready to answer a lot more fun and challenging questions about Maine culture. We promise you'll learn a lot along the way and get to show off your local pride with all your friends at the end of this quiz. If you think you're enough of a Maine scholar to answer all these brainy questions, hit the play button now and step up to the challenge.

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