Quiz: Can We Guess What Generation You Are Based On The Movies You Know?

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"Jurassic Park" via Universal Pictures

Do you know Casablanca from Clueless?

Look at screenshots of movies and we'll tell you what generation you belong to based on which ones you know.

 Aug 12, 2018
1 of 30Name the 90s Rom-Com!
Paramount Pictures
She's All That
You've Got Mail
Runaway Bride
2 of 30Name the movie!
Julia Roberts in a red dress standing next to Richard Gere in an elevator in Pretty Woman, movies/tv
Pretty Woman via Buena Vista Pictures
Pretty Woman
A Cinderella Story
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
3 of 30Name this movie!
It's a Wonderful Life, movies/tv
Warner Bros. Pictures
Roman Holiday
It's a Wonderful Life
The Manchurian Candidate
4 of 30Name the 90s Rom-Com!
Buena Vista Pictures
Hope Floats
10 Things I Hate About You
The Wedding SInger
5 of 30Name the movie!
Universal Pictures
The Goonies
Back to the Future
Dirty Dancing
6 of 30Name this movie!
Psycho, movies/tv
via Paramount Pictures
Modern Times
7 of 30Name the 90s Rom-Com!
Paramount Pictures
Sugar & Spice
But I'm a Cheerleader
8 of 30Name the movie!
United Artists
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
The Graduate
Kramer vs. Kramer
9 of 30Name this movie!
Some Like It Hot, marilyn monroe, movies/tv, celebs
United Artists
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Bringing Up Baby
Some Like It Hot
10 of 30Name the 90s Rom-Com!
Speed 2: Cruise Control
The Ice Storm
Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion
11 of 30Name the movie!
ferris bullere
Paramount Pictures
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
12 of 30Name this movie!
classic movies, the apartment, Shirley MacLaine, jack lemmon
United Artists
The Seventh Seal
The Apartment
King Kong
13 of 30Name the 90s Rom-Com!
My Best Friend's Wedding
Good Will Hunting
14 of 30Name the movie!
Goodfellas, 90s movies, movies/tv
Warner Bros.
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
My Cousin Vinny
15 of 30Name this movie!
Alfred Hitchcock, notorious, movies/tv
RKO Radio Pictures
To Kill A Mockingbird
The Wizard of Oz
16 of 30Name the 90s Rom-Com!
Parent Trap, movies/tv
Buena Vista Pictures
Bride of Chucky
The X Files
The Parent Trap
17 of 30Name the movie!
Steel Magnolias, julia roberts, Sally Fields, movies/tv
TriStar Pictures
Steel Magnolias
The Karate Kid
18 of 30Name this movie!
Miracle on 34th street, movies/tv
20th Century Fox
Strangers on a Train
Miracle on 34th Street
Cape Fear
19 of 30Name the 90s Rom-Com!
Cameron Diaz at dinner wearing a red dress in The Mask
The Mask via New Line Cinema
My Best Friend's Wedding
The Mask
The Truman Show
20 of 30Name the 80s movie!
Rain Man, tom cruise, Dustin Hoffman, movies/tv
United Artists
Risky Business
Rain Man
Days of Thunder
21 of 30Name this movie!
old black and white movies
Paramount Pictures
Cape Fear
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
Bride of Frankenstein
22 of 30Name the 90s Rom-Com!
American Beauty
L.A. Confidential
23 of 30Name the movie!
movies, woody allen, Diane Keaton, Annie Hall
United Artists
The First Wives Club
Coming to America
Annie Hall
24 of 30Name this movie!
old black and white movies
Paramount Pictures
Double Indemnity
The Maltese Falcon
25 of 30Name the 90s Rom-Com!
Paramount Pictures
What's Eating Gilbert Grape
Romeo + Juliet
26 of 30Name the 80s movie!
Paramount Pictures
Flight 101
Nun's Life
27 of 30Name this movie!
roman holiday, movies/tv
Paramount Pictures
Young Frankenstein
Citizen Kane
Roman Holiday
28 of 30Name the 90s Rom-Com!
hero, smart, celebs, male, thinking, juju, Matt Damon, Good Will Hunting
Miramax Films
Dead Poets Society
Good Will Hunting
What's Eating Gilbert Grape
29 of 30Name the 80s movie!
Dirty Dancing
Vestron Pictures
The Breakfast Club
Dirty Dancing
30 of 30Name this movie!
Casablanca, movie, movies/tv
Paramount Pictures
His Girl Friday
Witness for the Prosecution
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