Grammar Quiz: Can You Pass This Verb Tense Test?

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This quiz might make you 'tense'...

If you're a total grammar snob, then you're going to love this tricky verb tense test. How high can you score?

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Calling all grammar nerds! This quiz is sure to be more challenging than most! We're about to test you on a tricky subject: verb tenses! There are many different verb tenses that can be used to describe actions that happened in the past, are happening in the present, or will happen in the future.

Do you have a high IQ? Do you know the rules of grammar? Do you think you know all there is to know about using it properly? Are you what some would call a wordsmith? Do people believe you may be a genius? If you love everything about the English language, especially how the different parts of a sentence are put together to tell a story, then this is the ideal quiz for you! We know you have it in you to get a perfect score! Are you up for the challenge, or are you too afraid that your grammar skills have gotten a bit rusty over the years? Only one way to find out! If you think you have what it takes, sit back, relax and flex your mental muscles to see just how well you do! Test yourself to find out if all that reading and English language studying paid off. Good luck!

English grammar tenses include Past Simple, Present Simple, Future Simple, Past Continuous, Present Continuous, Future Continuous, Past Perfect, Present Perfect, Future Perfect, Past Perfect Continuous, Present Perfect Continuous, and Future Perfect Continuous. Think you'll be able to properly identify which tense is being used in a series of random sentences? It's time to find out!

Now, if you want more quizzes about grammar, stay tuned for more to come! Until then, take this verb tense grammar quiz to see how much you know! Knowing the correct verb tense can be super tricky, so that makes acing this quiz even more rewarding!

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