Only The Biggest "Golden Girls" Fans Can Get 25/25 On This Quiz. Can You?


"Jealousy is an ugly thing, Dorothy, and so are you in anything backless."

Prove that you are the ultimate Golden Girls fan by taking this tricky trivia quiz all about this iconic tv show!

 Sep 23, 2019

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Who owns the house the girls all live in?

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Dorothy dreamed she appeared on a very strange Jeopardy episode with which two "fellow contestants"?
Rose and Blanche
Rose and Sophia
Charlie and Rose

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What was the name of the piano bar "fought over" by Blanche and Dorothy?
The Rusty Nail
The Rusty Pelican
The Rusty Anchor

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What was Dorothy's childhood nickname?
Big Bird

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Why did Rose say she lost the St. Olaf Butter Queen Pageant?
She got flustered by a question on margarine
She slipped on some butter in her gown
She was the victim of butter churn tampering

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Where did Dorothy and Blanche work at the same time?
The museum
The hospital
The gym

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What secret was revealed about Rose's boyfriend, Miles Webber?
He was married
He was hiding from the mob
He wasn't really a Lutheran

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What did Blanche once do to meet men?
Went to the grocery store 5 times a day
Rented a car and placed an ad to sell it
Got a job working at a bar

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What was Sophia's catchphrase?
"Picture it..."
"Imagine it..."
"I can see it now..."

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When Rose saw handsome game show host Guy Corbin she famously said, "That man ______!"
makes my Ovaltine boil
makes my cows come home
melts my butter

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Rose truly believed that her biological father was:
Frank Sinatra
Bing Crosby
Bob Hope

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Who did Sophia and Dorothy dress up as for the Shady Pines talent show?
Sonny and Cher
Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers
Simon and Garfunkel

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Which of these famous figures did Sophia not claim to have had a tryst with?
Pablo Picasso
Frank Sinatra
Winston Churchill

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Dorothy sought help for her addiction to what?
Julio Iglesias

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What color was Blanche's wedding dress?

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According to Rose, what is the motto printed on St. Olaf's license plates?
Land of 10,000 Goats"
"Big Statue Country"
"You Betcha, By Golly"

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What caused the fire at Shady Pines that sent Sophia to live with Dorothy and the other girls?
Birthday candles
Curling iron

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What was the name of the gangster who was seeking revenge on Miles for snitching on him?
The Cheese Man
The Pretzel Man
The Donut Man

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What celebrity did Sophia get to party with after the other three Girls were arrested in a prostitution sting?
Burt Reynolds
Julio Iglesias
Frank Sinatra

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What was the Zbornie, Stan's million-dollar invention?
Baked potato opener
Toy fire truck
Novelty Easter egg

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What was the name of the neighbor's dog whom the Girls occasionally dog-sat?

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The girls briefly operated a concession stand at the boardwalk where they sold pizza and _____.

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What TV game show did the Girls venture to California to appear on?
Pay As You Go
Treasure Chest
Grab That Dough

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Which of the Girls had a mild heart attack and required bypass surgery?

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Who was Blanche's "go-to" date when she had no better offers?
Rex Huntington
Mel Bushman
John Quinn
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How well do you actually remember the characters, plot line, and more from the Golden Girls tv show? The Golden Girls has been in constant syndication since its original network run ended in 1992. Think you've seen every episode a dozen times and know everything about Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia? Try our quiz and see whether you're worthy of being crowned Butter Queen or are on the fast track to Shady Pines. From the St. Olaf Butter Queen Pageant to the Shady Pines Talent Show, can you remember every little detail from this iconic TV show without cheating? Searching for a fun and challenging quiz? Look no further than this ultimate entertainment quiz to pass some time and have fun!

Wondering how well you'll do on this Golden Girls quiz? The Golden Girls was a hit show starring four older women living together in Miami. The Golden Girls became an iconic, one-of-a-kind show with unrivaled chemistry and banter between the cast. And if you're as obsessed as we are, you're probably trying to figure out what score you'll get on this ultimate fan challenge! Well, don't fret! We've got you covered. Only Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, or Sophia could truly ace this quiz! This Golden Girls test is super hard!

Want to know more about The Golden Girls? Well, did you know that July 30th is officially Golden Girls Day? Yes! It's also National Cheesecake Day, which everyone knows was the girls' favorite dessert.

Bea Arthur almost didn't play Dorothy! The show's creator actually wanted actress Lee Grant to play the role, but Grant turned it down. Broadway legend Elaine Stritch was also a contender for the part, but was dropped after saying the "F" word during her audition.

Estelle Getty who's actually younger than her on-screen daughter, Dorothy, spent 45 minutes in the costume department so that she could look the part of the lovable Italian mother.

Rue McClanahan had a clause in her contract that allowed her to keep all of Blanche's custom made clothes. She supposedly had 13 closets worth of clothes!

Betty White was originally supposed to play Blanche! Additionally, Rue McClanahan was supposed to play Rose. The show would have looked a lot different had those changes actually happened!

Now, if you want more Golden Girls quizzes, check them out here! But for now, take this Golden Girls quiz to see how much trivia you remember from the show!