Quiz: Only A Corleone Can Pass This Ultimate Godfather Quiz. Can You?

The Godfather
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"Revenge is a dish best served cold..."

Think you know the Corleone family? Find out how well you know the classic movie, "The Godfather" by taking this tricky trivia quiz and see if you're a true fan or not!

 Oct 14, 2018

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What joyous occasion is occurring in the beginning of the movie?
The baptism of Connie's son
Michael's graduation party
The wedding of Don Corleone's daughter

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What can't Don Corleone refuse on this day according to Italian tradition?
A piece of cake
A favor
A business offer

3 of 22Name This Character:

movies, celebs, The Godfather, 1972, james caan as sonny corleone
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Fredo Corleone
Sonny Corleone
Don Vito Corleone

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What's the name of the song that Johnny Fontane sings at the wedding?
"I Have But One Heart"
"Luck Be a Lady"

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According to Vito Corleone, what does a "real man" do?
Own guns.
Spend time with his family.
Never cry.

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What does Clamenza tell Michael to do immediately after shooting and killing the men in the restaurant?
Drop the gun
Take any weapons or money off the men
Shove the gun in his pocket and run

7 of 22Name This Character:

movies/tv, The Godfather, robert duvall
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Vito Corleone
Sonny Corleone
Tom Hagen

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Which ingredient is NOT included in Clemenza's tomato sauce?
Tomato Paste

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What does Clemenza instruct Rocco to take after he kills Paulie?
The wallet
The gun
The cannoli

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What are the five families' names?
Corleone, DiCaprio, Scorsese, Stracci, and Cuneo
Cuomo, Bartoli, Tattaglia, Stracci, and Da Vinci
Corleone, Barzini, Tattaglia, Stracci, and Cuneo

11 of 22Choose Your Answer:

How is Tom Hagen related to Don Corleone?
He is his nephew
He is his adopted son
He is his cousin

12 of 22Name This Character:

movies, celebs, The Godfather, 1972, diane keaton as kay adams
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Kay Adams
Sandra Corleone

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What was sent to the Corleone household to inform them that Luca Brasi was dead?
Luca's lucky ring
A bloody knife
A dead fish

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What does "hitting the mattresses" mean?
Being admitted to a hospital
Searching someone's bedroom
Going to war with a rival family

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Which Corleone son is originally next in line to take over the family business?

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Who turns out to be a traitor toward the Corleone family?

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While in Italy, Michael marries a local woman named Apolloina who tragically killed by what?
A drive by shooting
A car bomb
Poison in her food

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What did Sollozzo's last meal consist of?

19 of 22Name This Character:

The Godfather, movies
The Godfather via Paramount Pictures
Connie Corleone
Kay Adams

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Why does Sonny beat up his sister's husband, Carlo?
He owed him money
He stole from him
He is physically abusive towards Connie

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Tom Hagen is Vito Corleone's consigliere which also means:

22 of 22Name This Character:

movies, The Godfather, 1972, talia shire as connie corleone
Paramount Pictures
Kay Adams
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How well do you actually remember the characters, plot line, and more from The Godfather? The Godfather is considered one of the greatest movies of all time. Think you’'ve seen every episode a dozen times and know everything about Don Corleone and the 5 Italian families? Try our quiz and see whether you'’re worthy of being crowned Don. From the leaving the gun and taking the cannoli to the dead fish and horse head threats, can you remember every little detail from this iconic Italian mob movie without cheating? Searching for a fun and challenging quiz? Look no further than this ultimate entertainment quiz to pass some time and have fun! For more fun and challenging movie and television quizzes, visit women.com! Do you love movies and tv shows? Take this trivia quiz and see if you can answer all of these movie and TV trivia questions! Can you get them all right? If you've ever called yourself a film buff or tv addict, then you absolutely have to take this quiz! Some of the questions might be harder than what most people will be able to answer correctly But if you're a real film buff or tv lover, that shouldn't be a problem! For more challenging and fun film and tv quizzes, visit women.com!