Quiz: Which Classic Girl Scout Cookie Matches Your Personality?

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Find out exactly how sweet you really are!

Did you know that your personality can actually be perfectly described by a box of Girl Scout cookies? Which one are you?

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It's here. It's finally here. We've been waiting so long for this moment. The joy we feel in our hearts and the anticipation boiling inside us is on par with how couples must feel when they are about to be parents for the first time. How else would you describe this unbridled happiness? Girl Scout cookie season is here! Who doesn't love Girl Scout cookie season?! Seriously, it's probably one of the most exciting times of the year. Anyone who was ever a Girl Scout knows how fun and challenging it can be to try and sell as many cookie boxes as possible in order to win prizes and earn your troop much need money for funding all Girl Scout activities. Well, you're in luck because it's that time of year again: whip our your badges and sashes… and find out which of our favorite childhood treats you are! Girl Scout season is our favorite time of year! What's your favorite cookie? What's your friend's favorite? Your taste buds might favor one cookie, but your personality might want something different! Your favorite Girl Scout cookie might tell a lot about your personality. Take the quiz to determine which one of the most popular girl scout cookies best fits your mojo, from the minty fresh Thin Mint to the sweet and creamy Tagalong. Answer these personality questions as honestly as possible in order to get the most accurate results possible. We promise you'll have a lot of fun taking this quiz, or at the very least walk away with a serious craving for some Girl Scout cookies!

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