Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The First Episode Of "Friends"?

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The One Where The Questions Keep Getting Harder...

Only a true FRIENDS tv show fanatic will be able to remember all of these plot details from the pilot episode!

 Jan 01, 2018

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Where does the very first scene take place?
Central Perk
Monica’s apartment
The NYC subway

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Which character speaks first?

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What is the very first spoken word in the episode?

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Who said the memorable line: "Sometimes I wish I was a lesbian."?

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How does Rachel run into the rest of the group at Central Perk?
She comes in to order coffee
She has just left her fiancé at the alter
She has a job interview at the coffee shop

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How does Rachel know Monica?
They went to high school together
They are cousins
They used to be roommates in college

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What does Barry look like according to Rachel?
Her dad
Mr. Potato Head

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Who does Rachel talk to on the phone in Monica's apartment?
Her mother
Her father

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When talking to her dad over the phone, what does Rachel think everyone wants her to be?
A hat
A purse
A shoe

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Where was Rachel going to go on her honeymoon?

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Why did Ross and his wife Carol breakup?
She was a lesbian
She was an alcoholic
She was a criminal

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Who was going to help Ross set up his new apartment?
Joey and Monica
Monica and Phoebe
Chandler and Joey

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What nickname does Monica give her date?
Mike the Flower Guy
Paul the Wine Guy
Sam the Lawyer Guy

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What shocking revelation does Monica's date reveal to her?
He hasn’t had sex in over 2 years
He used to be gay
He once dated Rachel

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What simple task does Rachel proudly do for the first time?
Wash the dishes
Make coffee
Bake a cake

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What complaint did Rachel have about Barry?
He always left the toilet seat up
He made love with his socks on
He chewed with his mouth open

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What do Ross and Rachel talk about when they're alone in the apartment?
Rachel says she misses Barry
Rachel asks for help getting a job
Ross asks if he can ask her out

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Which character speaks last?
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Think you're a true "Friends" fan? Step right up and see if you can pass this ultimate Friends quiz. How well do you remember all the hilarious moments from the pilot episode of the hit TV show friends? See if you can pass this tricky tv quiz and truly call yourself a fan! If you love everything about this show from Ross's trivia game and Central Perk's coffee to Phoebe's evil twin and her terrible Smelly Cat song, then we know this quiz will brighten your day and put a huge smile on your face. This longtime-running show has been on air (and broadcasting repeats) for years and years now for one obvious reason — it's amazing. Fans and viewers of this fabulous group of 6 friends have grown to love every single of of the eccentric and quirky characters that have come into and out of their loves over the years. I think it's safe to say that everyone has seen at least one episode of Friends. And those who consider themselves at ultimate fans have probably seen all 236 episodes at least five times. But just how much do you really remember about the very first episode? Could you BE any more excited to test your knowledge of Friends? A true fan remembers everything, down to the little things! Are you a certified Friends junkie? Or are you just merely a casual fan? Take this quiz to find out! Let's see if you're as smart as Ross or if you need the help pf some unagi on this test!