Quiz: How Well Do You Remember "Forrest Gump" Starring Tom Hanks?

Forrest Gump via Paramount Pictures

"I'm not the smart man, but I know what love is."

If you love the classic Tom Hanks film Forrest Gump, let's see how much you remember about the film's plot and characters!

 Jul 06, 2019

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Forrest has to wear a neck brace as a child. True or False?

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Forrest says he and Jenny go together like....
Peas and carrots
Chicken and noodles
Bread and butter

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When Jenny is a little girl she prays to become what?
An angel
A unicorn
A bird

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Paramount Pictures
Mrs. Taylor
Mrs. Curran
Mrs. Gump

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How does Forrest get a spot on the University of Alabama's football team?
He tackles a player who is making fun of him and impresses the coach
The coach sees him running away from bullies
He tries out

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Forrest enlists in the military during which war?
Desert Storm

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While recovering from being wounded, Forrest picks up what game?

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Forrest is awarded the Medal of Honor by President Johnson. True or False?

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Which U.S. President does Forrest NOT meet?
Lyndon B. Johnson
Jimmy Carter
John F. Kennedy

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Bubba Blue
Dan Taylor
Dick Cavett

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When Forrest is on the Dick Cavett show, which one of the Beatles does he get to meet?
Paul McCartney
Ringo Starr
John Lennon

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Inspired by Bubba, Forrest starts a _____ business after returning home from war.

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What does Forrest name his boat?

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Which of these does Forrest NOT do with his earnings from Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.?
Renovate a church
Enroll in college
Build a hospital

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After his mother dies, Forrest invests in which future successful company?

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Paramount Pictures
Jenny’s Father
Dan Taylor
Forrest's Father

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After being financially set for life, Forrest does what job for free?
Washing cars
Coaching football
Mowing lawns

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Forrest goes out for a run after he discovers Jenny is gone, and he keeps running for _____.
3 years
3 months
3 weeks

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What book do Forrest Jr. and Forrest Sr. both love?
Curious George
Goodnight Moon
The Giving Tree

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Paramount Pictures
Mrs. Taylor
Jenny Curran
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Who doesn't know and love Tom Hanks as an actor? Better yet, who doesn't know and love his most famous role as Forrest Gump? It's hard to believe that Forrest Gump was released in 1994 and that it can have the same emotional impact even if you watch it ten times. The six time Oscar winning film is a fan favorite for a reason. Originally written by Winston Groom, Forrest Gump is an American romantic drama movie directed by Robert Zemeckis, It stars Tom Hanks as a kind-hearted boy with marginal intelligence, often bullied because of his physical disability and low IQ. Encouraged by his mother, Forrest eventually finds his way in life and proves that in spite of what anyone says he is capable of achieving success. The film also stars the talented Gary Sinise and Robin Wright. In the two decades since its opening, the film has tugged at the heartstrings of global audiences with memorable lines, including "Run Forrest, run" and "Forrest, you don't know what love is." But just how well do you really remember the film? Can you really recall every last detail about the main characters and the events that happen to them throughout the movie? It's time to find out! No matter how well you do on this quiz, the film offers all viewers a major life lesson: we can always succeed if we believe in ourselves, but we also need someone to encourage us and not give up on us when we're in doubt. Think you know the Academy Award best picture winner? Test your knowledge and take the quiz now!