English Quiz: Words We All Misuse Edition!

"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

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 May 22, 2018
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Question: 1/22What does this word mean?

A distorted, unpleasantly mutated version of something
A disaster or tragedy

Question: 2/22What does this word mean?

Unwilling to speak or not forthcoming
Unenthusiastic or disinclined

Question: 3/22What does this word mean?

Predictably at regular intervals
Often or frequently

Question: 4/22What does this word mean?

To prove something is false
To deny that something is true

Question: 5/22What does this word mean?

To speak or act evasively
To put off to a later date

Question: 6/22What does this word mean?

Too much of
A lot of

Question: 7/22What does this word mean?

To study in great detail
To read casually

Question: 8/22What does this word mean?

Forgetful or lacking memory
Unaware or unconcerned

Question: 9/22What does this word mean?

Unperturbed or unaffected
Perplexed or confounded

Question: 10/22What does this word mean?

Characterized by luxury
Lush, overblown, or prolifically overabundant

Question: 11/22What does this word mean?

To dislike greatly

Question: 12/22What does this word mean?

To close in
To sharpen

Question: 13/22What does this word mean?


Question: 14/22What does this word mean?

Happening by chance or luck
Happening by good luck

Question: 15/22What does this word mean?

To show off
To openly disregard

Question: 16/22What does this word mean?

A fact which has no existence before appearing in a magazine or newspaper
A throwaway piece of trivia

Question: 17/22What does this word mean?

To be put to death or be injured by an electric current
To receive an electric shock

Question: 18/22What does this word mean?

Bored, impervious, indifferent, or unemotional
Impartial, uninvolved, or unbiased

Question: 19/22What does this word mean?

A problem or a quandary
A choice between two alternatives

Question: 20/22What does this word mean?

To reduce in value
To express disapproval or denounce

Question: 21/22What does this word mean?

Wryly amused
Dazed, bewildered, or addled

Question: 22/22What does this word mean?

Negotiate a cash price
Exchange one skill, commodity, or thing for another
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