Quiz: This East Coast Quiz Knows If You're A Yankee Or A Southerner

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Are you from the city or the country?

Answer these questions about living on the East Coast including topics on housing, driving, transportation, and more!

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Calling all East Coasters! Is the worst possible insult imaginable for you someone mistaking you for a Southerner, West Coaster, or Midwesterner? Are you proud to say you're from the East Coast -- maybe even New England? Do you love the history, architecture, food, people, and culture of the East Coast? Only a real East Coaster will be able to answer these basic questions about what it's like to live on the best coast! Do you know where to get the best pizza in New York City? Do you find yourself complaining about the cold weather all the time? Do you know how to navigate the subway system? Or just a master of public transportation, taking taxis, or walking pretty much everywhere? Do you know how to order a Philly cheese steak the correct way in Philadelphia? Do you prefer Dunkin' Donuts to Starbucks any day of the week? Does your mouth water at the thought of eating New England clam chowder, NYC pizza, or any food from a street vendor like hot dogs? It's time to test your East Coast street smarts and see if you truly have enough grit to survive on the East Coast, especially during the harsh winter months! Are you a TRUE East Coaster? Do you live off Dunkin' Donuts, thrive in the snow, and spend your free time apple picking in the fall? If so, then you're probably an East Coaster!!! Take this quiz to find out for sure.

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