Quiz: This East Coast Quiz Knows If You're A Yankee Or A Southerner

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Are you from the city or the country?

Answer these questions about living on the East Coast including topics on housing, driving, transportation, and more!

 Jun 09, 2018
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Who has the best cup of coffee?
Peet's Coffee
Dunkin' Donuts
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What is a New York City slang term for pizza?
A slice
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What song plays at every Red Sox game?
Welcome to the Jungle
Tiny Dancer
Sweet Caroline
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What seasoning can be found in Maryland meals?
Sea salt and vinegar
Old Bay
Black pepper
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What does "What's Crackin'?" mean?
Whats up?
How's the weather?
Are you making popcorn?
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East Coast slang for "really" is what?
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Fluffernutter is a type of _____.
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Someone tells you that it's "brick" outside, what do you do?
I grab a jacket, it's going to be cold.
I wear shorts, it's going to be hot.
I wear protective gear for the onslaught of clay-bearing soil and concrete.
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Everyone knows the water makes New York ______ the best.
wheat bread
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It's summer time, where do you go?
The shore
In front of an oscillating fan
The beach
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What is a perfect cheap breakfast that you can get at any cart or bodega?
Hard boiled egg
Raspberry danish
Buttered hard roll
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When someone says "the city," which city are they referring to?
Los Angeles
New York City
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Which type of pizza is the best?
Deep dish, triangle slices
Either crust, square slices
Thin crust, large triangle slices
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What should be on a hotdog?
JalapeƱos, tomatoes, pickles, onions, celery salt...
Brown mustard and sauerkraut
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What is the most accessible form of public transportation?
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What's a leef peeper?
A tourist who comes to New England to see the trees in the Fall
A leaf blower
A gardener
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The chain restaurant Carl's Jr. is known as this on the East Coast:
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When do you cross the streets?
Whenever, jaywalking is the move
Only at lights when the walk sign is on
Only at cross walks
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Translate this phrase: "Pahk the cah in Hahvahd Yahd"
Park the car in Harvard Yard
Park the card in Harvard Year
Perks of parking in Harvard Yard
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When it comes to pizza, who's your papa?
Papa John's
Papa Gino's
Papa Murphy's
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Calling all East Coasters! Is the worst possible insult imaginable for you someone mistaking you for a Southerner, West Coaster, or Midwesterner? Are you proud to say you're from the East Coast -- maybe even New England? Do you love the history, architecture, food, people, and culture of the East Coast? Only a real East Coaster will be able to answer these basic questions about what it's like to live on the best coast! Do you know where to get the best pizza in New York City? Do you find yourself complaining about the cold weather all the time? Do you know how to navigate the subway system? Or just a master of public transportation, taking taxis, or walking pretty much everywhere? Do you know how to order a Philly cheese steak the correct way in Philadelphia? Do you prefer Dunkin' Donuts to Starbucks any day of the week? Does your mouth water at the thought of eating New England clam chowder, NYC pizza, or any food from a street vendor like hot dogs? It's time to test your East Coast street smarts and see if you truly have enough grit to survive on the East Coast, especially during the harsh winter months! Are you a TRUE East Coaster? Do you live off Dunkin' Donuts, thrive in the snow, and spend your free time apple picking in the fall? If so, then you're probably an East Coaster!!! Take this quiz to find out for sure.