Quiz: How Well Do You Remember "Dumb and Dumber"?

New Line Cinema

"Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?"

If you've seen the classic Jim Carrey comedy Dumb and Dumber before, you should have know problem passing this trivia test about the plot and characters!

 Feb 19, 2019

1 of 20Choose Your Answer:

What city are Harry and Lloyd from?
New York

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What is the name of the dog grooming business that Harry Dunne operates?
Mutt Cutts
Canine Cuts
Waggin' Tales

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What is Lloyd's job when he meets Mary Swanson?
Security guard
Limo driver
Dog groomer

4 of 20Name This Character:

New Line Cinema
Beth Jordan
J.P. Shay
Mary Swanson

5 of 20Choose Your Answer:

Lloyd and Harry flee their home because they think they're going to be killed for not paying _____.

6 of 20Choose Your Answer:

Harry and Lloyd embark on a cross-country trip to what Colorado town?

7 of 20Choose Your Answer:

What song do Lloyd and Harry sing after discovering that the radio is broken?
Pretty Woman - Roy Orbison
Mockingbird - Carly Simon
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper

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What item does Lloyd see Mary leave behind at the airport?
A briefcase
A phone
A coat

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What do Lloyd and Harry purchase with the money they find in a suitcase?
A Rolex
A butler
A Lamborghini

10 of 20Name This Character:

New Line Cinema
Sea Bass
Lloyd Christmas
Harry Dunne

11 of 20Choose Your Answer:

Fraida Felcher nicknames Lloyd _____.
Mr. Spanish Sausage
Mr. French Tickler
Mr. Italian Stallion

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What was the name of the dead pet bird Lloyd sold to Billy the blind boy?

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How does Lloyd "totally redeem" himself according to Harry?
He takes him out to a fancy dinner
He trades the van for a bike
He finds Mary’s address

14 of 20Name This Character:

New Line Cinema
Joe Mentalino
Harry Dunne
Sea Bass

15 of 20Choose Your Answer:

While at Dante's Inferno, Lloyd and Harry accidentally kill ____.
Sea Bass

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What color tuxedos do Lloyd and Harry purchase and wear?
Red and hot pink
Purple and neon green
Orange and light blue

17 of 20Name This Character:

New Line Cinema
Mary Swanson
Beth Jordan
J.P. Shay

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After eating hot atomic peppers, Lloyd and Harry cool their mouths with _____.
bread and butter
water and soda
ketchup and mustard

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What odds does Mary actually give Lloyd that she'll ever go out with him?
One in a million
One in a billion
One in a zillion

20 of 20Name This Character:

New Line Cinema
Bobby Swanson
Joe Mentalino
Lloyd Christmas
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Who doesn't remember the classic comedy film Dumb and Dumber directed by Peter Farrelly and starring comedians Jim Carry and Jeff Daniels? The movie follows Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne, two dim but lovable friends who live in Providence, Rhode Island but end up taking a cross country road trip to Aspen, Colorado, resulting in an adventure they never would have expected. Harry works as a dog groomer but gets fired from his job. Lloyd works as a limousine driver who falls in love with his passenger Mary Swanson. While at the airport, he notices she leaves briefcase in the terminal, causing him to retrieve it to return it to her. However, he is completely unaware that they briefcase contained ransom money for her husband and was supposed to be left behind for the kidnappers. Because of this, the kidnappers Joe "Mental" Mentalino and J. P. Shay follow him back to his and Harry's place. Once there, Harry and Lloyd flee in fear for Aspen to track down Mary and return the briefcase of cash. But just how many details of this film can you recall without cheating and looking up the plot synopsis? Do you really know how Harry and Lloyd eventually defeat the bad guys? Do you remember what happens to Lloyd when he confesses his feelings to the married Mary Swanson? Can you tell apart Lloyd Christmas, Harry Dunne, Sea Bass, Joe Mentalino, and Bobby Swanson? What about Beth Jordan, Mary Swanson, and J.P. Shay? Think you have what it takes to pass this test? Now's your chance!