Quiz: Can You Finish The Lyrics To All Of These Donna Summer Songs?

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Think you know the biggest hit singles from iconic super star, Donna Summer? Can you sing along without messing up?

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How well do you really know the Queen of Disco? In the '70s, if you were "Lookin' for some hot stuff baby this evenin'," you'd head to the nightclub hoping to hear the latest from Donna Summer. The singer-songwriter became known as the Queen of Disco for good reason! She turned out hit after hit, keeping the dancefloors full during the height of the disco era. Songs like Hot Stuff, Bad Girls, Love to Love You Baby and more are hallmarks of the genre and are regarded as classic dance tracks. Can you name the songs by Donna Summer that made it to the top of the charts? Test your knowledge on this music quiz to see how you do. Donna Summer is considered by many to be one of the greatest disco artists of all time.But how much do you think you really know about Donna Summer? How well do you know the biggest hit singles from disco diva Donna Summer? Can you sing along without messing up? Are you a true music expert and a lyrics scholar? Then prove it by taking this ultimate Donna Summer music quiz! See just how much you're able to remember and recall when it comes to these Donna Summer music trivia questions! How many will you get correct? Can you earn a perfect score, or will you struggle and fail like most people who take this Donna Summer music quiz? How many of her hit singles do you think you can really recognize by just one or two lines from the lyrics? If you think you know the Queen of Disco, take our quiz! So what are you waiting for? Hit the play button now and test your knowledge of this disco diva's greatest hit songs of all time!

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