Disney Quiz: This Fun 'Yes Or No' Quiz Will Reveal Your TRUE Spirit Animal

Disney Quiz
via Walt Disney Studios

Which Disney critter is most like you?

Everyone has a Disney doppleganger or twin. Which classic character is yours? Answer these questions to find out now!

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If you ask us, we're pretty convinced that most people resemble one of the main Disney characters in some way or another. But then there are some people who go a step further and act as if they are related to a Disney princess, villain, or sidekick in real life! Some people just have a certain quality about them that reminds you so much of a classic Disney character. Whether or not you believe in dopplegangers, we're about to prove to you that Disney twins do in fact exist after all! All you have to do is answer this series of Disney personality questions as honestly and as quickly as possible. Remember to go with your gut and not think too hard about the questions before answering if you want to get the most accurate results on this test possible. Sound like fun? We think so too! If you're most like Mushu, you undeniably love adventure and are very courageous. You are that wise-cracking friends who can be both really entertaining and slightly annoying at the same time - and your friends wouldn't have it any other way. If you're most like Simba, you are a confident and hardworking person whom people admire and look up to a lot. If you're most like Iago, you're incredibly funny and sarcastic, but you can also be a touch cynical. If you're most like Thumper, you're cute, friendly, and a little bit of warmth and hope in this often cold and lonely world. So which Disney character is your true spirit animal deep down? Hit the play button to find out now!

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