Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Walt Disney's "Pinocchio"?

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If you love the classic Disney animated film Pinocchio, let's see how much you really remember about the movie's plot and characters.

 Jan 29, 2019

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The blue fairy informs Pinocchio he can become a real boy if he proves himself to be brave, _____, and unselfish.

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Which of these animals does NOT live in Geppetto's home?

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Walt Disney Studios

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The Blue Fairy assigns Jiminy to be Pinocchio's....
Legal guardian
Extra set of eyes

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Which of the following does Geppetto NOT give Pinocchio before leaving for school?
An apple
A book
A coat

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Walt Disney
Honest John

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Who does Pinocchio meet on his way to school?
Honest John and Gideon

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What do Honest John and Gideon offer Pinocchio as a potential job opportunity?

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Who rescues Pinocchio from Stromboli's cage?
Jiminy Cricket
The Blue Fairy

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Walt Disney
The Coachman

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Stromboli stops Pinocchio from returning home and locks him up in what container?
Wooden crate
Locked drawer

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The Coachman takes Pinocchio and the other boys to a place called...
Happiness Island
Joy Island
Pleasure Island

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Walt Disney Studios
Honest John

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The boys who indulge in the pleasures of Pleasure Island eventually turn into what?

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What game is Lampwick playing when Jiminy finds him and Pinocchio at Pleasure Island?

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Pinocchio doesn't turn into a full donkey but he get a donkey's:
Hoofs and a tail
Hoofs and long ears
Long ears and a tail

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Which body part of Lampwick's turns into a donkey part first?
His arms
His legs
His ears

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Walt Disney Studios

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In order to sink to the bottom of the sea in search of Geppetto and Monstro, Pinocchio ties what to his donkey tail?
An anchor
A rock
A lump of coal

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Monstro wakes up from his slumber to consume what sea creature?

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Pinocchio gathers wood and starts a fire, which ends up having what effect?
Monstro gets beached and dies
Monstro crashes into a cliff and dies
Monstro sneezes the raft out his mouth

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As a reward for guiding Pinocchio, the Blue Fairy awards Jiminy Cricket a gold medal that says what?
Official Conscience
#1 Cricket
Best Companion
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Are you a real boy? Prove it! Pinocchio was first released in 1940 and is a Disney classic. The plot of the film involves an old wood-carver named Geppetto who carves a wooden puppet named Pinocchio. The puppet is brought to life by a blue fairy, who informs him that he can become a real boy if he proves himself to be "brave, truthful, and unselfish". It was one of the first Disney movies many kids ever watched and it taught them so many life lessons (especially when it comes to not telling lies). If you've seen Pinocchio before, the Blue Fairy's words "A lie keeps growing and growing until it's as plain as the nose on your face," have surely stayed with you. Well, it's time to put your honest-to-goodness knowledge to the test and quiz yourself on a bit of Pinocchio trivia. All you need to do is look at a series of questions regarding the animated film's plot line and characters. Answer them all correctly in order to pass! But it won't be all that easy! We've thrown in a few super difficult questions that only the most diehard of Disney fans would ever be able to answer. You're going to have to follow your conscience just like Jiminy Cricket taught you if you want to thwart everyone from Honest John to Monstro to survive without turning into a donkey and earn the top score on this trivia test. Let your conscience guide you to a perfect score! Good luck!