Quiz: Which Disney Animal Is Your Soul-Pet?

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Calling all animal lovers!

If you love animals as much as you love Disney films, they you need to find out which Disney sidekick is your soul-pet!

 Jan 03, 2019
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We think it's pretty safe to say that everyone has a favorite Disney movie, a favorite Disney song, a favorite Disney princess, a favorite Disney quote, and a favorite Disney character. But we also think more people should have a favorite Disney pet! Many of the loyal sidekicks in Disney animated films just also happen to be trusty pets to their owners or human friends! And each of them has a unique personality that makes them a perfect match for their other half. Did you know that everyone has their own unique Disney soul-pet based on their personality, character traits, interests, and goals? It's true! If you want to find out your Disney soul-pet, then you're going to have to take a few minutes out of your day to answer a series of personality questions. As long as you answer them as honestly as possible and go with your gut, your end result should be fairly accurate. If your soul-pet is Sebastian, you carry yourself with a lot of pride and confidence, and you always comes through for your friends. If your soul-pet is Gus, you guard your personal relationships with your life and are always able to look on the bright side of any situation. If your soul pet is Rajah, you love trying new things, are always up for a challenge, are fairly carefree, and are fun-loving. Do any of these personality profiles sound like they speak to your soul? Great! Then it's time for you to find out who your official Disney soul-pet is!