Quiz: Do You Know The Lyrics To I'll Make A Man Out Of You From "Mulan"?

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Only Mulan Experts Beyond This Point!

Only someone who has seen Mulan more times than they can count will be able to defeat the Huns during this lyrics quiz!

 Jan 29, 2019
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Out of all the Disney animated movies every made, perhaps the fan favorite when it comes to the princesses is the unconventional Mulan. She isn't your typical Disney princess running around in a dress and a damsel in distress waiting to be saved by her prince charming. Instead, she takes matters into her own hands and forges a path for herself by joining the Chinese military so she can go to war in place of her ailing father. She shows true bravery and strength throughout the film, and it is precisely those qualities that make Mulan so endearing to viewers everywhere. But just how well do you remember Mulan? Let's see how well you know everyone's favorite Disney princess: Mulan! Put your Disney knowledge to the test! Do you think you have what it takes to "be a man" and defeat the Huns? Do you think you could really sing along to "I'll Make A Man Out Of You" without stopping to catch your breath? Will you make your ancestors proud and make it to the top like Mulan, or will you get defeated by the Huns before you can get to the end of this lyrics quiz. Only one way to find out! Hit the play button now and prove you're the ultimate Mulan master once and for all. Are you as smart and intelligent as China's first woman warrior? Are you as mysterious as the dark side of the mood? Just like Mulan, your fate rests in your own hands and it's up to you to show us what you're really made of. This quiz will make a man out of you!

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