Quiz: Who Is Your Disney Husband?

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Who's your Disney happily ever after?

Let's see which dreamy Disney guy is your one true love? Will you find your happily ever after at the end of this quiz?

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Did you know that everyone has a Disney soulmate? It's true! We can tell you which dreamy Disney guy is destined to become your husband and your very own Prince Charming one day, as long as you believe it's true! All you have to do is answer some fun personality based questions so we can determine which handsome hero you are the most compatible with! Is your Disney husband Aladdin? He's a charming dreamer that is looking for someone that shares his own sense of adventure. He is a bit of goofball, but also dashing and adventurous, and he won't shy away from someone who is smart and hardworking. Is your Disney husband Prince Eric? Eric is smart, brave, and never afraid to take on new challenges. Eric has a competitive drive that has gotten him far in life. He has contagious charisma and a zest for life. Is your Disney husband Prince Adam? Prince Adam may come off a bit stubborn and stuck in his ways, but he is also intelligent and compassionate, and he won't shy away from a strong personality. If any of these handsome Disney men sound like a good fit for you, then you should definitely take this fun personality quiz and find out who your Disney soulmate truly is. So what are you waiting for? Hit the play button now and find out who you will end up happily ever after with! You won't need to wish upon a star to find your one true love anymore!

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