Quiz: Which Disney Heroine Are You?

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Which fierce Disney female are you?

Did you know that everyone has a Disney heroine who most resembles them? Let's see who yours is with this quiz!

 Jan 03, 2020
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Disney movies are beloved not just for the entertaining plot lines, but more importantly for the brave heroines who star in them. Disney animated movies from the past several decades features some of the strongest female characters ever written - and in many cases, it is these very female characters who save the day. Not every female Disney character is a princess or some damsel in distress like Snow White, Aurora, or Cinderella. Instead of waiting for a prince to come and save them, plenty of Disney heroines save themselves and take on life's challenges in stride. But are you really comparable to any of them? If you're like Nala, you you are incredibly brave in the face of danger. You don't let the bad guys scare you away from a fight. If you're like Duchess, you are incredibly kind and warm hearted. You don't let the curveballs in life slow you down. If you're like Perdita, you are incredibly loving and friendly. You don't let the deception and ill will of others get you down. Do you know which of the fierce Disney heroines you are? Well if you don't, this quiz gives you the opportunity to find out just who that person is. Will she turn out to be one of your favorite characters, or will she turn out to be someone who you think you have nothing in common with? There's only one way to find out! Hit the play button now and find out which Disney heroine you are!

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