Disney Quiz: How Well Do You Actually Remember "Hercules"?

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"I'm a damsel, I'm in distress, I can handle this. Have a nice day."

Only the strongest and smartest Disney fans will be able to defeat Hades in this ultimate Hercules trivia test. Will you win?

 Jan 01, 2019

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Who is Hercules' father?

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When Hercules is born, his father gives him what as a gift?
A chariot

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What did Zeus make Pegasus out of?
A plush toy
A horse

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Who comes to visit Hades in the beginning?
The Weird Sisters
The Angels of Death
The Fates

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Hades learns that his plan will be successful as long as.....
Zeus doesn't fight him
Hercules doesn't become a mortal
Hercules doesn't fight him

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Part of Hades plan includes setting who free?
The Fates
The Titans

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Who are Hades's minions?
Torture and Trauma
Hate and Harm
Pain and Panic

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Meg has a nickname for Hercules. What is it?
Boy Wonder
Wonder Boy

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How does Hades find out that Hercules is still alive?
He sees Hercules with Meg
Meg tells him
The Fates tell him

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Why did Meg sell her soul to Hades?
To get rich
To become immortal
To save her boyfriend’s life

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Who did Phil NOT train to be a hero?
Alexander the Great

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What is the first monster that Hercules fights?

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How does Hercules defeat the Hydra?
Stabs it in the heart
Cuts off all its heads
Causes a rock slide to crush it

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What is Hercules' weakness?
His ankles

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What happens that breaks the deal between Hades and Hercules?
Zeus breaks it
Meg is crushed by a pillar
Phil returns to help Hercules
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Hercules is one of the often overlooked Disney animated films, but it truly is one of the most underrated and entertaining Disney films of all time. But just how big of a Hercules fan are you? With some inspiration from the muses, we went the distance and created this quiz to answer that very question. Do you think you can remember every last detail about the plot lines and characters featured in this film? Hercules is a 1997 American animated musical fantasy comedy film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation for Walt Disney Pictures. The film is loosely based on the legendary hero Heracles (known in the film by his Roman name, Hercules), the son of Zeus, in Greek mythology. Does any of this sound familiar to you? Great! All you have to do is answer this tricky Disney trivia to prove you're worthy of living on Mount Olympus once and for all. Defeating Titans, saving damsels in distress, and outsmarting multi-headed monsters are heroic actions, but we think that scoring 100% on this ultimate quiz is worthy of hero status, too. Can you go from zero to hero with your expert knowledge? You've probably faced off against some fairly trivial Hercules trivia in the past and walked away unscathed, but can you go the distance against the ultimate Hercules trivia quiz? No mortal will ever see the top of Mount Olympus if they can't first best this trial. So put on your long-distance sandals and pick up that sword! Hero status awaits!