Quiz: Be Our Guest & Name All These Disney Characters

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Wish upon a star you'll remember the names of all these characters!

Calling all true Disney darlings! If you think you know Disney movies better than most fans, this ultimate character challenge is for you!

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Oh my Disney! Look what we have here… an ultimate Disney character challenge! Do you think you know your Disney characters through and through? While every Disney character is unique and memorable in their own right, some of them just seem to be more popular than others for various reasons. This quiz is to honor some of those less popular characters that are too often overlooked anytime the topic of Disney comes up. We're going to test you on the sidekicks, villains, and lesser known people in the Disney universe whose names and faces you may not have seen all that recently, but you'll surely recall at first sight! Think you can spot memorable but lesser known people like the Evil Queen, Scat Cat, Dr. John Darling, Percy, Horace Badun, Darling, Sergeant Tibbs, Shere Khan, Queen Leah, Gazeem, Roquefort, Grandmother Fa, Max, Monsieur D'Arque, Featherduster, Wiggins, Phil, Magic Mirror, Mangiafuoco, Miss Bunny, Bruno, and The Emperor of China? If you think you've got your Disney characters memorized like the back of your hand, then we know you'll have the brains to make it to the end of this quiz without flunking out or giving up. Just like in Mulan, this quiz will "make a man out of you!" So what are you waiting for? Hit the play button now and show us that you deserve to be called the ultimate Disney character expert. If you get the coveted top score, we promise to attend your coronation and watch you get crowned the Disney character queen for life.

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