Disney Quiz: This Magical 'Yes Or No' Quiz Will Reveal Your Disney B.F.F.

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Everyone has a Disney BFF!

Do you know who your Disney best friend for life is? We can tell you if you answer these personality based questions!

 Jan 03, 2020
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Did you know that every single person has a Disney BFF? It's true! Everyone has an ideal Disney bestie based on their own personality, character traits, interests, goals, hopes, dreams, and more. But which Disney character is your bestie? Answer these personality questions honestly to find out now! If your Disney bestie is Genie, you are full of life and bursting with positive energy. You are benevolent, easygoing, and friendly through and through. If your Disney bestie is Belle, you appreciate a quiet space and a good book. You're a sweet and devoted friend who never puts your own needs above the needs of your friends. If your Disney bestie is Simba, you have a nurturing nature you tend to hide until people get to know you better. You can be guarded so people have to earn your trust, but once they have it, you're a tried and true friend. If your Disney bestie is Pocahontas, you are free-spirited, sweet, and tolerant. You're intensely loyal to your loved ones, and have an earnest optimism that draws people to you. Do any of these personality profiles sound like a match for you? Great! All you have to do is answer this series of personality questions in order to get your results. Be as honest as possible when submitting your answers if you want the most accurate results. Are you ready to find out which lucky Disney character gets to call you their best friend for life? Hit the play button now, and have fun!

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