Dallas *Lingo* - It’s A Thing! How Much Of It Do You Know?

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Saddle up, partner!

Want to prove you deserve to be called a Dallas local once and for all? Let’s see how scholarly you are about your home sweet home!

 Apr 25, 2019

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There's only one nickname for Dallas natives and it's:

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Around here, there is no Dallas pride without _____ pride!

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It is definitely always appropriate to wear _____ out in public and don't let anyone tell you any different.
flip flops
cowboy boots

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What the heck are those big flower things people wear during homecoming season?

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You will argue with any Californian that ______ beats In'n'Out Burger any day of the week.
White Castle

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In Dallas, _________ make for the best breakfasts.
Tomato soup and grilled cheese
Tacos and burritos

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Not everyone believes in tall tales, but plenty of Texans have a legitimate fear of _____.
Big Foot
The Chupacabra

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Dallas locals affectionately refer to the Margaret Hunt Hill bridge as _____.
Marge Simpson
The Iron Lady
Large Marge

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In the mood for some tunes? _____ is the most awesome place in Dallas to see live music ever.
Alpine Valley
Apollo Theater
Bomb Factory

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It probably still hurts your heart that the original State Fair ______ burnt down.
Texas Tate
Big Tex
Big Lex

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Craving ice cream? _____ reigns supreme deep in the heart of Texas.
Blue Bell

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____ is known to be a big Texas thing, but seriously, there aren't any in Dallas!

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Clearly your baseball allegiances lay with the:
Reds, obviously!
Royals, obviously!
Rangers, obviously!

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Some of the city's best barbecue is known to be in _______, but everyon still has their favorite neighborhood spots.
Highland Park
Lower Greenville
Deep Ellum

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It's not a stretch to say that _____ is the main food group in Dallas.

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"Don't _____ with Texas!"

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Dallasites love to hate which nearby city?
El Paso

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Which of these buildings is an iconic part of the Dallas skyline?
Troller Tower
Hancock Center
Reunion Tower

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There's really nowhere else like the _____. Y'all love Dallas!
Big D
D City
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