Connecticut Dialect - It’s A Thing! How Much Of It Do You Know?

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Can you talk Connecticut?

Only a true Connecticut Yankee will be able to pass this ultimate CT challenge without cheating! How much do you really know about Connecticut?

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Consider yourself to be Connecticut savvy? Well then, you should go ahead and connect all the dots on this fun and challenging all-things-Connecticut eighteen question trivia quiz! But, be warned: you'll need to have an immense knowledge of everything related to Connecticut! Knowing just a little bit about the East Coast state won't do here. You need to know all about popular areas, popular neighborhoods, the hottest food joints, and the oldest recipes, the most common phrases, slang, lingo, and pronunciation, what tourists love to do, common animals, and of course, all about Connecticut's sports teams (professional and college). If any of this sounds rather intimidating or unfamiliar to you, then you might want to consider looking for a different quiz where you're more of a local of that state. And you'll for sure be able to find one as has quizzes on all fifty states. Just go to and search through the quizzes tab to find one that suits you, whether it be general knowledge, grammar, spelling, television, movies, or hobbies like skiing and knitting. Whatever interest you have, there's a quiz for it, so go ahead and take a quick two minute break from your hectic day!

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