Colorado *Lingo* - It’s A Thing! Think You Know It ALL?

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It'd be pretty 'Rad if you can ace this quiz!

Are you a recent transplant or a seasoned Colorado expert who will think this quiz is way too easy? Prove you're really from CO!

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Do you love Colorado more than life itself? Are you a proud CO local who wouldn't dream of living anywhere else in the country? Are you proud to call one of the most beautiful states in the country your home sweet home? Great! Then we've got the perfect trivia challenge for you! Do you know what DIA stands for? Do you know what weird animal statue sits outside of it? Do you know what Denver's nickname is? Have you ever tried eating Rocky Mountain Oysters? Have you ever gone skiing or snowboarding at Vail, Breckenridge, or Aspen? Do you know who the CSU Rams are? Do you know all of the different brewing companies in the state? Do you know all the different nicknames for Colorado? Have you ever been to an Avs game? Do know what chain restaurant started in Denver? Do you know what pow-pow is? Do you know who the flatlanders are? Have you ever driven on Mount Evans Highway? Do you know what Colorado Kool-Aid is? Do you know what's special about March 3rd in Colorado? What does it mean to call someone granola? Have you ever eaten at Illegal Pete's? If you know the answers to any of these questions, then you have a really good chance at scoring 100% on your first try! So if you're a Colorado native, local, transplant or frequent visitor, but your Colorado knowledge to the test right here and now. Caution though, the quiz might be a little trickier than you think!

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