Quiz: Can You Complete All Of These Classic Movie Quotes?

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This isn't for the occasional movie watchers!

Can you really fill in the blanks to the missing words in all of these classic and memorable movie quotes from the 40s through 70s?

 Apr 02, 2019
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Who didn't love going to the movies all the time when they were kids? Nothing is more nostalgic than the thought of buying a giant tub of popcorn and taking a seat up close and center at the local movie theater or drive in movies. Similarly, watching old movies anytime they're on TV brings back all those memories - especially when you stumble upon one of your favorite scenes. There are a few lines that just stand out as gold to anyone who hears them... you can almost get some of those lines stuck in your head! Classic movie quotes have a lot of definitions and span years, but in general we think some of the most classic movie quotes of all time happened in Hollywood's Golden Age starting in the 40s and ending in the 70s. If you as us, the movies and the quotes featured in this quiz deserve their own category due to their excellence and timeless nature. We guarantee than at least a few of the quotes featured in this movie trivia challenge will remind you of the brilliance of all of these films. But just how many classic movie lines will you be able to remember? Do you think you can get all of the words perfectly right, or will you mess up some of the lines before you make it to the end of this test? Let's see how many you can get correct on the first try. You're going to have to think really hard back to the first time you ever heard these classic movie lines. Good luck!