Quiz: Which Classic 1950s Disney Character Are You?

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Do you have a Disney twin?

Which 1950s Disney character best matches your personality? Could a Disney princess really be your perfect twin?

 Jan 03, 2019
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Magic mirror on the wall... which 1950s Disney character do I most resemble? If you've ever wondered whether you have a Disney doppleganger, now is your chance to find out! Most people have at least one prominent Disney character who most resembles their own characteristics, personality, passions, and interests. But which one are you, exactly? If you answer the following personality questions as honestly as possible, we will reveal which Disney character is your true twin!

The lovable Disney characters we know today were created by Walt Disney. Disney started out with just a few - Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Donald Duck - but now there are so many Disney characters out there, all awesome and unique, that there's surely one that looks just like you! Which just goes to show that anyone of any background can become a Disney character as long as they believe it in their heart. So which Disney character are you? Take this fun Disney quiz to find out!

Want to know more about the Disney characters? Well, did you know Reese Witherspoon was also originally cast as the voice of Merida, but Kelly MacDonald ended up with the role. Can you imagine Reese doing a Scottish accent? We can't!

The story of Mulan is based on an ancient Chinese legend of a female warrior named Hua Mulan from a poem titled "The Ballad of Mulan." She's also left-handed!

In the original film, Belle is the only person in her town wearing blue, symbolizing her position as an outsider. The Beast ends up wearing blue later in the movie. She's also the only princess with hazel eyes.

In earlier drafts of the film, Cinderella originally had a pet turtle named Clarissa. We're imagining something like Pascal from Tangled.

In the Hans Christian Andersen story that inspired The Little Mermaid, Ursula barely plays a part and doesn't even have a name! Also, Ariel is currently the only Disney princess to not be born human.

If you want more Disney quizzes, you can take them here! Until then, take this quiz to see which Disney character looks like you!