Quiz: Can You Match All Of These Famous TV Dads To Their Correct Show?

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Do you know Andy Taylor from Danny Tanner?

If you're a huge lover of television shows from over the years, you should be able to recognize all of these TV dads by one image!

 Jul 25, 2019
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They say father knows best, but how much do you know about the most famous television dads? Dads played a major part in early sitcoms, which for the most part centered around families. Just look at how many series had fathers in the title — Make Room for Daddy, Father Knows Best, etc. The television landscape is full of awesome fathers. Caring, responsible, sometimes funny, and always there to listen to their children and offer up some much-needed wisdom. These are some of the qualities that make a wonderful dad, and by extension, a great TV dad. While many series have had their share of awful fathers, several, particularly in the sitcom genre, show us that fictional fathers can demonstrate some wonderful traits worth emulating in real life. And we know your favorite TV fathers were always there to help you out of a jam. In TV land, there have been many types of fathers who have graced the small screen. Think you can identify these memorable TV dads and identify which famous TV shows they appeared in? It's time to put your patriarch powers to the test with this fun quiz. This quiz features some of our favorite small screen patriarchs, from the proud pops to the guys who make us laugh. You undoubtedly know iconic sitcom dads like Sheriff Andy Taylor and Howard Cunningham, but we're going to give you some trickier characters than that! How well do you know inspiring fictional dads from the big and small screen? See if you can match these memorable TV dads with their shows. Good luck!

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