Could You Survive A Day In The Big Apple? How Many NYC Phrases Do You Know?

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Get in the Empire State of mind.

Are you a true New Yorker through and through or just a wannabe tourist in an “I Heart New York” t-shirt? Prove you’re a local now!

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Do you consider yourself a New York City aficionado or are you just another one of the millions of tourists? The Big Apple might be one small island, but it seriously packed with life, culture, and a whole lot of unique slang, lingo, trivia, and ways of doing things. And that's not even mentioning how many bagel shops, pizza joints, and hot dogs stands populate the island either. Seriously, this is one crowded place, which you should know ALL about if you've ever been on a subway at rush hour, or tried to hail a yellow cab at 5 o'clock. You need to have some real gumption to make it in a place like this (yeah that's right, you need to be assertive if you want to have any hope of working your way into a subway car at rush hour) and you need to be in on all the local slang, tips and tricks. That's what separates you from the millions of tourists crowding into New York City every week. There's a certain air to local New Yorkers, and you can't miss it! So if you're one of the lucky ones who DOES call New York City home, then this fun 18 question trivia quiz is just right for you! We can't promise you'll ace it, but we can say you'll have a good time thinking about all of your experiences in The Big Apple. There's truly nowhere else quite like NYC - in the whole wide world. So cherish your time here! Good luck on this two minute quiz!

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