Are You Minnesota Enough To Decipher ALL This MN Lingo? Bet Not!

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Dontcha know the answers to all these questions?

A born and bred Minnesota native will have no problem getting a perfect score in this MN test. Are you Midwestern enough to pass?

 Mar 14, 2019

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Just about everyone in Minnesota bleeds _____ for the Vikings! Whooo!
Red and white
Purple and gold
Orange and blue

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Wisconsin might have their famous State Fair cream puffs, but Minnesota's State Fair has the delectable Sweet Martha's _____!

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Pretty much every single tourist heads straight to the _____ the first time they visit Minnesota.
Mall of Saint Paul
Mall of Minneapolis
Mall of America

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While every Midwestern state is filled with nice people and fun cities, nothing beats the _____ State!

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Minneapolis and Saint Paul are often just called the _____.
Cousin Cities
Brother Cities
Twin Cities

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You can always spot a Minnesotan by how they say words like "bag": _____.

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If you're in a sea of maroon and gold, clearly you're at a _____ game. Go U of M!

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Connecticut might steam their cheeseburgers, but Minnesota takes burgers to another level with _____.
Sloppy Joe
Burger Bill
Juicy Lucy

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"_____ Minnesota is so cold because it shares the Northern border with Canada? Burrrrr!"
Wontcha know
Didja know
Dontcha know

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As a midwestern state, locals take "Minnesota _____" to a whole new level.

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Everyone knows Minnesota is known for baking the most delicious _____ in the entire country.

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A Minnesota specialty, lefse is a Scandinavian type of flatbread similar in size and shape to a _____.

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"_____ we love the Gophers!"
You betcha!
You lefse!
You dontcha!

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If someone makes "salad" in Minnesota, chances are they really mean _____.
A jello, marshmallow, and fruit dessert
A Caesar salad with lefse croutons
A green bean, almond, and olive oil dish

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If you want a slice of the best pizza Up North, you'll have to dine at _____.

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Which of these statements is classic Minnesotan and the most likely to be heard by ay given person?

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Who exactly are Minnie and Paul?
The governor and wife of Minnesota!
The characters on the MN Twins logo!
The mascots at the Mall of America!

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MN has lots of M-named cities... which of the following is NOT a city in the great state of Minnesota?

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Finish the phrase if you bleed purple and gold: "_____ Vikings!"

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Hungry? The best Juicy Lucy in town can be found at _____.
Mark's Place
Mel's Diner
Matt's Bar
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It's time to prove you really hail from the Gopher State by answering a series of trivia questions about MN's slang, culture, food, and more! Are you Minnesota proud enough to get a perfect score on your first attempt? Do you bleed purple and gold for the Vikings or maroon and gold for the U of M Gophers? Have you ever indulged in Sweet Martha's cookies? Do you avoid going to the Mall of America like the plague? Do you love being able to say you hail from the Gopher State? Have you spent some time in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul? Do you often crave a Juicy Lucy burger from Matt's Bar, a slice of pizza from Zorba's, or a delicious baked hot dish? Do you say phrases like uff da, you betcha, skol, and dontcha know instinctively? Are you proud of your Minnesota Nice qualities? Do you know what lefse is? Do you know who Minnie and Paul are? If any of the answers to these questions are coming to you, then we know you're smart enough to beat this quiz! Let's see how you measure up to the other MN locals who take this quiz. Can you walk away with the top score? Or will you be a bit too forgetful and walk away with a failing grade. Only one way to find out! Hit the play button now and answer all of these fun and educations Minnesota questions. We promise you'll have a fun time taking this test. Good luck!