Are You Connecticut Enough To Decipher ALL This CT Lingo? Bet Not!

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Are you Nutmeggers ready for this?

If you think you can get the top score on this ultimate CT challenge, then step right up and prove you're a real Connecticut local!

 Mar 12, 2019

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If you haven't had CT's famous _____ pizza before, you're seriously missing out on life!
Blue Cheese
White Clam
Red Pepper

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When it comes to chowing down, there's no such thing as a bad _____ in Connecticut. SO GOOD.
Cream Puffs
Lobster Rolls
Sloppy Joes

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If you want a slice of the best 'apizza' around, you better head on over to _____ STAT!
New Haven

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"The package store" is where you can _____.
get a workout in, woo!
pick up the mail, duh!
shop for groceries, obviously!

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Don't confuse it with the package store; the packie, on the other hand, is where you can _____.
buy jewelry
buy shoes
buy alcohol

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The East Coast sure does pride itself on its Ivy League schools. Connecticut is home of the prestigious _____.

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If you're a basketball fan in Connecticut and NOT cheering for the _____, something is seriously wrong.

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"Look at all the _____ flooding into the state! Man, tourists can be SO annoying."
Leaf Peepers

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Connecticutians... Connecticutters.... how about just ______ instead? Thank you CT state nut!

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Grinders for lunch?
No, I'm not really in the mood for salads
No, I'm not really in the mood for sandwiches
No, I'm not really in the mood for pizza

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Connecticut doesn't have a MLB team of its own, so residents are forced to choose between which two teams?
The Yankees and the White Sox
The Yankees and the Red Sox
The Red Sox and the White Sox

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Nevada might have Las Vegas, but Connecticut has _____, plus it's WAY closer and cheaper!
Sioux City
Catalina Island

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Anytime a Nutmegger says they are heading in to the city, you can be sure they are on their way to _____.
New York

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The Hartford Whalers used to be CT's very own _____. Too bad they're no longer around to play!
volleyball team
baseball team
hockey team

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Stephen King might call Maine home, but Connecticut is also home to which equally well-known novelist?
Ernest Hemingway
Mark Twain
George Orwell

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New Englanders love their sailing and their boat shoes, especially what preppy brand?

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Every state in New England is beautiful, but the _____ State will always be your favorite.

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Starbucks is always going to be popular, but East Coasters also have a lot of love for which of these other coffee chains?
Caribou Coffee
Dunkin' Donuts
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Caution Nutmeggers: this quiz will NOT be a walk in the park! We know that the Connecticut pride is real! Do you know all about the locals’ favorite foods, sports teams, slang words, hangout spots, and more? Have you lived in CT your whole life, or are you a transplant? Either way, you're more than welcome to take this test! Have you ever tasted White Claim pizza or grabbed a slice of ‘apizza’ in New Haven before? What about tasty, buttery lobster rolls? Do you know the difference between the package store and the packie store? Have you ever taken a tour of Yale’s campus? Do you love cheering on the Huskies every basketball season? Do you get annoyed easily by leaf peepers? Do you know why they call CT locals nutmeggers? Do you know what a grinder is? Do you begrudgingly root for the Yankees or the Red Sox since you don’t have a home team in your state? Have you ever gambled at Foxwoods? Do you remember the Hartford Whalers hockey team? Have you ever referred to yourself as a Connecticutensian? Do you enjoy eating your cheeseburgers steamed? Do you like to go sailing while wearing Sperry’s boat shoes? Do you really think you have what it takes to beat out all the other CT locals and get the top score on this test? Great! Then hit the play button now and prove to us that you know more about the Nutmeg State than most people who attempt this quiz. Good luck!