Are You Alaska Enough To Decipher ALL This AK Lingo? Bet Not!

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What's your AK IQ?

If you love Alaska and call this great state your home, then you should have no problem acing this trivia challenge!

 Mar 13, 2019

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Want to stay warm through those cold Alaskan winter storms? Better buy a pair of fur boots, a.k.a. _____.

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Ok locals, let's see if you can pronounce “Ketchikan” the right way after all!

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Native Alaskans view themselves as separate from the rest of the United States. What do they call the rest of the U.S.?
The Lower 48
The Otherland
The Mainland

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You know it's springtime in Alaska as soon as _____ starts happening.

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Most people know the Aurora Borealis by a name that's much easier to remember: _____.
Lunar Eclipse
Big Dipper
Northern Lights

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If the weather man says it's "fair time”, you can bet it's _____.

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We all scream for ice cream, or as they call it in Alaska, _____!

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Alaska really empties out in the winter when all the _____ seek warmer weather in the Lower 48.

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Transplants to Alaska aren't considered true locals right away; at first, they are considered this instead.

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The indigenous people of Alaska go by many names. Which of these is NOT one of them?

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Which infamous politician calls Alaska home?
Hillary Clinton
Elizabeth Warren
Sarah Palin

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Anyone who is visiting Alaska should try to come during the _____ to watch the dog sledding race!

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The word "outside" has a different meaning in Alaska. Here it means someone is _____.
visiting the lower 48
taking a nap

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If you hear "Mush!' during a dog sled race, what does it mean?

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Wait so you're telling me if I'm eating muktuk, I'm actually chowing down on _______?
whale blubber
bear tongue
moose testicle

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Frozen ground that never fully thaws throughout the year is better known as _____.

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The part of the state that is not accessible by any road system is better known as _____.
The Bush
The Kush
The Mush

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If someone says you're a "sourdough", you should be _____.

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Nothing beats the sight of the hazy pink glow that lights up a mountainside at sunset, better known as _____.

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It may be a bit far removed from the rest of the U.S., but the _____ is still the best state in the country!
Icy Tundra
Last Frontier
Show Me State
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If you're a true sourdough from Alaska, then this is the perfect quiz for you. It's time to test just how much you know about America's largest state! 'Juneau' how to speak Alaskan? Have you ever work a pair of mukluks? Can you pronounce “Ketchikan” the right way? Do you know what the Lower 48 is? Do you know what it means when breakup occurs? Have you ever seen the Northern Lights or the Alpenglow? Do you know what kind of weather is fair time? Have you ever eaten akutaq or muktuk? Do you ever call transplants chechakos? Do you have strong opinions about Sarah Palin? Have you ever watched the Iditarod? Do you know what mush means? Have you ever ventured out to the bush? Are you a proud sourdough from the Last Frontier? If you can answer any of these questions, then we bet you'll perform really well on this ultimate Alaska trivia test. All you have to do is look at a series of questions about Alaska and answer them correctly on the first try to pass. Sound easy enough? It won't be! We think we can trick you on at least a few of the questions that are so hard only a born and bred native could possibly get right. If you are a proud Alaska native and want the whole wide world to know it, this is your chance to show off your pride for your home sweet home. So what are you waiting for? Hit the play button now and show us what you've got. challenges YOU to take the ultimate Alaska trivia challenge. Will you pass for a real certified Alaska native, or will you be found out as an imposter who is just a wannabe? We're about to find out once and for all!