Are You Pennsylvania Enough To Decipher All This PA Lingo? Bet Not!

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Time to prove you're really from PA!

Ace this Pennsylvania trivia quiz on food, slang, and sports to prove that you're a real PA local or transplant. Are you up to the challenge?

 Mar 03, 2019

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Anyone with a sweet tooth can thank PA for giving us _____ chocolate!

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What root-beer-like soft drink are PA locals loyal to?
Herb Farm
Birch Beer

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If you want to order your eggs sunny side up, what should you say to your server?
I'll have Happy Eggs!
I'll have Dippy Eggs!
I'll have Sunny Eggs!

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Gotten caught behind a horse and buggy on the road? That's because there's a huge population of _____ people in PA!

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PA native know how to party, even at the local _____.
Fire hall

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Can you actually pronounce "Reading" like the locals do?
Yes, it's REDD-ing
Yes, it's REED-ing
Yes, it's RAD-ing

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Hungry? Whip up some "scrapple," a local PA dish made with scraps of _____.

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The _____ Bell is a huge piece of history on full display in Philadelphia.

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"Hurry, we have company coming over, we'd better ____ up the house!"

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If your friend's in the mood for hoagies, you'll be dining on which of these foods?

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How do most Pennsylvania locals tend to shorten the name of their state?
To Penny!
To PA!
To Penn!

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You went to Pennsylvania and you didn't eat any ______? That's just not right!
Lobster Rolls

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Where the heck might you see people waving around Terrible Towels?
A Steelers game
In Center City
UPenn's campus

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One of PA's most delicious trademark foods is a giant soft _____.

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"J'eet yet?"
No, I'm starving! Let's go.
No I didn't start cleaning yet.
No, I haven't studied at all! Ugh.

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Shoofly pie is made with which main ingredient?

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This might taste similar to root beer, but any local will be very quick to correct you that ____ IS NOT ROOT BEER.
Birch Beer
Sassafras Beer
Foxon Park

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What kind of cuisine is a PA fastnacht?
A biscuit
A pancake
A donut

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Can you pronounce "Yuengling" like a true Pennsylvania local?

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It may not actually always be sunny here, but you'll still always love the _______ State!
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Are you a certified Pennsylvania enthusiast? Think you know everything there is to know about Pennsylvania? We bet you can't pass this Pennsylvania challenge if you aren't a local! If you're really from Pennsylvania, you should have no problem acing this Pennsylvania challenge with flying colors! Do you love Hershey chocolate, Birch beer, Yuengling, scrapple, hoagies, soft pretzels, shoofly pie and fastnacht? Do you call sunny side up eggs dippy eggs? Have you ever gone to a party in a fire hall? Do you know where you can find the Liberty Bell? Do you call it PA more than you do Pennsylvania? Do you order you Philly cheesesteak "wit" onions? Do you eat hot dogs topped with chili? Do you root for the Steelers or the Eagles? Are you proud to call the Keystone State your home sweet home? Whether you're really from here or you're just curious about this amazing place, we promise this tricky test will challenge you and be a fun few-minute escape from your hectic day! Do you think you have what it takes to breeze through these questions and get the coveted perfect score? Or will you get flustered and miss too many questions? Only one way to find out! All you need to do is hit the play button now and get ready to put your brainpower to the test. This mental escape is just what you need! Don't forget — no cheating. We think you'll come out of this quiz much smarter and with a greater appreciation for your background and where you come from. Good luck!