New Mexico Lingo, It's A Thing! Do You Know These 19 "Typical" NM Things?

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This lingo shouldn't be new to you!

Only someone who was born and raised in New Mexico will know all of this state trivia! Do you have what it takes to pass?

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What a great state New Mexico is, if we do say so ourselves! Whether you're a local who's still a bit new to NM or you're a longtime local, we think you'll really enjoy this trivia quiz that will put your knowledge of your state to the ultimate test! Do you think your NM IQ is really high enough to pass... or even better, to get a perfect score? We'll just see about that! Here's your chance to prove you know everything there is to know about New Mexico lingo, slang, food, culture, geography, history, and more! Have you ever heard of the alien abduction stories in Roswell before? Do you know what farolitos are? Have you ever gone skiing in Taos? Do you love the burgers at Blake's? Do you know how to successfully dodge tumbleweed when driving down the road? Do you know when monsoon season begins? Do you love the pastries at Frontier Cafe? Are you slightly obsessed with green chiles? Have you ever sled the dunes of White Sands National Monument? Do you know what an arroyo is or what adobe is? Do you know the difference between New Mexican food and Tex Mex food? Have you ever gone to a game at The Pit to see the Lobos play? Do you believe in the Chupacabra? Do you know what Zozobra is? Have you ever said "Bueno, bye" before? Have you ever attended the hot air balloon festival? Are you proud to hail from the Land of Enchantment? Great! Prove your love for NM now!

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