Can You Actually Ace This All-Things-Connecticut Quiz? Bet Not!

Caution Nutmeggers: It's not easy!

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 Feb 25, 2019
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Question: 1/21Pick Your Answer!

Most people wouldn't be able to name their state nut, but Connecticut locals are a little obsessed with _____.

Question: 2/21Pick Your Answer!

"No way that guy was a Connecticut local! He had _______ written all over him. Didn't know his way at all."
Leaf Peeper

Question: 3/21Pick Your Answer!

When it comes to basketball, odds are that you're proudly cheering on the:
Spartans!! WOO!
Huskies!! WOO!
Wolverines!! WOO!

Question: 4/21Pick Your Answer!

You Connecticut locals don't have to go far for an Ivy League education. In fact, _____ is located in New Haven!

Question: 5/21Pick Your Answer!

Ivy League education isn't New Haven's only claim to fame. This city's known to make the BEST type of which food?
TACOS. Pepe's. Sally's. That's all you need to know.
NACHOS. Pepe's. Sally's. That's all you need to know.
PIZZA. Pepe's. Sally's. That's all you need to know.

Question: 6/21Pick Your Answer!

Seriously, why do other states (especially those not on the East Coast) even bother trying to make _______ as good as ours? There's just no comparison.
Loaded Ruebens
Pork Chimichangas
Lobster Rolls

Question: 7/21Pick Your Answer!

And as far as you're concerned there's no such thing as too much ______ when it comes to your lobster roll. Seriously, no such thing as too much _______.
Tartar Sauce

Question: 8/21Pick Your Answer!

Speaking of Connecticut specialties, please tell me you've tried _______ pizza at least once.
Rocky Mountain Oyster
Blue Crab
White Clam

Question: 9/21Pick Your Answer!

Starbucks is always going to be popular, but East Coasters also have a lot of love for which of these other coffee chains?
Caribou Coffee
Dunkin' Donuts

Question: 10/21Pick Your Answer!

If your boss orders everyone "grinders" for lunch, what are you about to chow down on?

Question: 11/21Pick Your Answer!

Connecticut even has a "virtuous" parkway. What's it called?
Honessty Parkway
Chasstity Parkway
Merritt Parkway!

Question: 12/21Pick Your Answer!

When locals say they are going to "the city", they really mean _____.
New York

Question: 13/21Pick Your Answer!

If your mom asks you to pick something up from "the package store", she wants you to _____.
get some groceries
buy some alcohol
pick up the mail

Question: 14/21Pick Your Answer!

OG Connecticut locals could tell you a thing or two about the Whalers. Who are they?
A defunct ice hockey team
A popular a cappella group in Hartford
A group of deep sea fishers

Question: 15/21Pick Your Answer!

Want to head right into the city? Just hop onto the _______!
The Red Line
The L
Metro North

Question: 16/21Pick Your Answer!

You guys must really have a way with words... considering ______ was invented here!

Question: 17/21Pick Your Answer!

This author wrote books often set in Missouri and other Midwestern/Southern states, but he set up residence in CT! You can even visit his house to this day. It's:
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Mark Twain!
John Grisham!

Question: 18/21Pick Your Answer!

You can always pick up some red wine at the local _____ store.

Question: 19/21Pick Your Answer!

The best pizza joints in all of CT can be found in what college town?
New Haven

Question: 20/21Pick Your Answer!

"Oh no you missed the turn!" "Don't worry about it, I'll just bang a _____ right here!"

Question: 21/21Pick Your Answer!

It never bothers you what anyone might have to say about Connecticut because you know nothing comes close to the:
Big Apple!
Show Me State!
Nutmeg State! | Quiz Facts

Whether you're a native, a long time local, or a recent transplant of Connecticut, this quiz is for you! We've come up with a legitimate test that will allow you to prove just how much you know about Connecticut. This fun but tricky test is not going to be easy... you've officially been warned! Connecticut has a lot of elements to its culture that only locals could possibly know, from slang, to favorite restaurants, to sports teams, to nicknames, to history. Are you a little obsessed with nutmegs? Do you know what a leaf peeper is? Are you envious of those who live in the Gold Coast? Do you root for the Huskies and the Bulldogs? Do you always add extra butter to your lobster rolls? Is Dunkin’ Donuts your coffee shop of choice? Do you call sandwiches grinders? Do you have strong opinions about the Yankees versus the Red Sox? Do you prefer eating your cheeseburgers steamed? Do you know what a packie store is? Are you always craving pizza from New Haven? If any of this sounds familiar to you, then you've got an incredible chance of bringing home the gold and earning yourself a coveted perfect score on this rigorous Connecticut challenge. So why don't you stop what you're doing, grab a number two pencil, and get ready to take the toughest Connecticut drill you've ever taken. Don't be intimidated... real locals need not worry! We promise this quiz will be all kinds of fun, and maybe it will even teach you a thing our two about yourself and your home of Connecticut. So are you ready to rock this exam and be crowned the number one Connecticut scholar? Great! Hit the play button now. Best of luck, and remember to enjoy yourself!