Quiz: Can You Pass This "All in the Family" TV Trivia Quiz?

tv, All in the Family
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Only a dingbat will fail this quiz!

Take this tv trivia quiz and see how well you remember the 1970s hit television show, "All in the Family" starring Carroll O'Conner, Jean Stapleton and Rob Reiner!

 Dec 19, 2018
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Time to revisit Archie Bunker and the crew! This wonderful show brought joy and laughter to many people and broke down barriers in the industry by discussing controversial topics that had never been addressed in television. Decades later, it still brings laughter to fans around the world. Take our quiz to see how much you remember about the series that changed television. If you loved Archie, Edith, Gloria and Meathead... uh, sorry, Michael... you might just pass this "All in the Family" quiz with flying colors!