Quiz: How Well Do You Really Remember "A League Of Their Own?"

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There's no crying in this quiz!

Take this movie trivia quiz and see how well you know the hit movie "A League of Their Own" starring Geena Davis, Tom Hanks, Rosie O'Donnell and Madonna.

 Jan 21, 2020

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Why do some MLB owners start a women's league?
Because they think it’ll bring up the country’s morale
Because they think women should be able to play pro baseball too
Because they want to avoid the MLB being shut down due to WWII

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What makes Dottie agree to going to tryouts?
If she goes, Kit is allowed to tryout too
To get far away from her hometown
The large amount of money she will be payed

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Dottie and Kit are _____.
best friends

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Kit and Dottie join a team called the _____.
Rockford Peaches
Racine Belles
South Bend Blue Sox

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Why do they want to reject Marla?
Because she’s too old
Because she’s not very good
Because they don’t think she’s attractive

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Why was Jimmy Dugan chosen as the team manager?
He was a former baseball player
He was Mae’s husband
He was wealthy

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What was the name of the newly created, all-women's league?
Ladies Baseball League of America
All-American Girls Baseball League
Women's Baseball League

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What position does Dottie play?
Center Field

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Left-fielder Shirley Baker does not know how to do _____.

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What position does Kit play?
Second Base
Right Field

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What is Kit's weakness when it comes to play baseball?
Slow pitches
High Fast-balls

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_____ caught a baseball while doing the splits.

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What of these was NOT tried to turn the baseball players into "ladies?"
Beauty pageant
Charm school

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When Dottie's husband returns, what does she want to do?
Run away from Europe
Retire from baseball
Divorce him

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What team ends up winning the series?
The Peaches
The Blue Sox
The Belles

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Ira Lowenstein
Walter Harvey
Jimmy Dugan

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A League of Their Own is a timeless baseball-themed film with an all-star cast featuring Tom Hanks, Geena Davis, Madonna, and Rosie O'Donnell - just to name a few. In the film, some Major League Baseball team owners decide to start an all-women's professional league to prevent the MLB from shutting down due to World War II. But just how much do you remember about this classic baseball film? Do you remember the name of the team Kit and Dottie join or the name of the all-women's league? Do you remember what positions Dottie or Kit play or what all the players' weaknesses are? Do you remember why the girls are all given makeovers and sent to charm school? Do you remember which women's team ends up winning the series? Only a true fan of this vintage baseball movie will be able to hit a home run and get the top score on this quiz. Will you hit it out of the parcel or will you swing and miss? Don't strike out and let Kit's curveball fly past you! Think you can knock this quiz out of the park and hit a home run? Then step up to the plate and take a swing! Hit the play button know and prove you love A League of Their own and remember everything about the plot line and lovable characters. We know you have it in you to slide into home base and score the winning run! Best of luck to you!