Quiz: Can You Name These 1980 Hit Songs With Just One Lyric?

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This quiz will put the boom boom into your heart!

Only a true 80s music fanatic will be able to identify every single one of these hit singles by just one line from the lyric.

 Apr 11, 2019
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Ahhh the 80s! Grab your Walkman, turn up the treble and get ready to quiz yourself on all the best 80s songs ever made! The best 80s songs embody that sense of flashiness and energy - from "Living on a Prayer" to "Don't Stop Believin," the decade's love for everything over the top yielded tunes that make for the best pop songs and karaoke songs imaginable. All in all when it comes to music, the 80s was the decade of, among other things, synth pop, the compact disc, Sixties reunion tours, the Beastie Boys and a lot more heavy metal. Some of the more novel sounds of 80s music included the use of synthesizers, with synth-pop music and other electronic genres featuring non-traditional instruments increasing in popularity. Also during this decade, several major electronic genres were developed, including electro, techno, house, and more. But do you really think your ear and your memory is good enough to remember every single hit 80s song, from Madonna and Michael Jackson to Wham and Whitney Houston? Will you be able to name all of these singles by just one random line from the lyrics? If so, break out that Walkman, hit up the best vintage stores for your retro fashion needs, and updo your hair and get ready to wear your heart on your shoulder pads - here is a quiz on the best 80s songs ever made. Best of luck to you! We know you have it in you to totally rock this 80s music test!